Set Goals and make them PUBLIC!……



Yesterday in the typical Monday morning fashion, I decided once again that THIS is the week where I will become a better person. I was determined to make THIS week the BEST week ever and to get right back on track when it comes to healthy eating and working out. I will finally allow myself to DREAM and envision the GOALS that I KNOW I CAN accomplish!!!!

Then I rolled back into bed and pressed snooze and realized I was just having a wonderful day dream……

You see, this pattern has been pretty consistent for months now…it goes something like this:

Monday morning : wake up deciding THIS is the week I will finally:


  1. Drop 10 pounds
  2. Volunteer my time at school and other charitable organizations
  3. Write my novel
  4. Conquer the world


Then Tuesday comes along and I’m going strong all pumped up….coast into Wednesday with barely a hiccup even though it’s hump day and by Thursday feel a bit cocky even on the verge of arrogance at just how easy this new improved lifestyle of healthy oriented choices and meaningful work and productivity really is…

Then Friday I decide that I’ve been such a good girl all week so I DESERVE my weekend to relax and thus i slack a bit and “relax” with another piece of cake or yet another BOTTLE of wine….

Before I know it Saturday comes along and I’ve pretty much wasted my entire week of productivity only to face Sunday with distress and attempt to “start fresh” come Monday morning ….

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

It truly doesn’t matter what the word “sabotage” means to you – it could mean your diet, your career  goals, your relationship….whatever it is – if you feel like you are in somewhat of a slump or possibly a plateau- than hear ye hear ye!…..


I am here to talk you (I mean me) off the ledge and quietly coerce you (I mean me) to reassess the situation and accept that you (I mean me) just needs to get a slight grip on the reality of it all and do what the most effective method of ANY breakdown is :


TAKE  A BREATH + RE-LAX + RE- ASSESS and most importantly, make it PUBLIC so that you will be mortified IF you fail!


OK, so it’s only Tuesday, but I already feel my blood pressure calming to a slightly  above normal level and my heart palpitations pumping at just a slight risk factor for heart attack, but the reality of it all is this…..


BREATHE. CHILL. ITS ONLY TUESDAY!! We have ALL week to continue our terrific progress and accomplish our DAILY goals.

What I do is write it out ( publicly )to stay accountable. It doesn’t always work- sometimes Im a closet sabotager- but it helps to have company.


Enjoy and put in perspective  the few things in life that actually MATTER like your kids, your partner, or your TV shows….and simply understand that if you are TOO HARD on yourself than nothing will ever get done!!!


I know from some of you who have written in comments that this winter flu season has brought on some challenges and the grey sky has been in full GLOOM but Im here to say HOLD on tight! it WILL get better!


As for me, yesterday I felt it was finally time to write the first CHAPTER of my best selling novel(s) to come so…. I sat down when I had the window of opportunity and wrote the first paragraph instead.

hey it’s something right?


Have a great and PRODUCTIVE day!!!!!

(Keep writing in your comments and goals! I enjoy hearing from you)


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