Where did you get those shoes??? Sorry I asked…..

I ran into my fashion friend yesterday – she’s not a designer by trade but she always has amazing outfits on and she is ALWAYS put together with her makeup  precisely done. I like to think of myself as a mkaeup person myself, although mine seems to blurr into Tammy Faye Baker by 8 AM.

The best part about her is she is like Fran the Nanny in the respect that she beats to her own drum and doesn’t care what others think of her risky ensembles….now being on the edge (or the LEDGE) of fashion myself, I really admire the individuality of her garments as I too, beat to my own drum but only because I, a.) don’t know better and b.) don’t care

Having grown up in a household of stinky boys that wore underwear with streak marks and  parents that were school teachers and seemed to always be on strike with the Board of Education-(which meant no new school clothes for me in September)  I didn’t really pay much attention to fashion and was the tom boy dressed in tube socks with stripes at the knees and hand me down (boys) denim cut off shorts. Somehow I developed my own style along the way.

I started out in my Sales career back in 1990 and back then all I could afford was Nine West shoes and Banana Republic suits on sale

( the best part about Banana republic- at lest back then- was you could return clothing even after you’ve worn it) …so i was on a tight budget i would often peruse the sale aisle , purchase a suit for a conference, make sure not to eat ANYTHING while wearing it! …..then return it the following week.

I know, some of you can relate and some of you think that’s disgusting. Don’t judge me, I wont care. It was 1990 in the midst of  the recession and i wouldnt dare try it today. (Not that much has changed in the world economy. )

Anyway, back to my fashionable friend: So there she stood all decked out with her groovy earrings and flamboyant blouse and the most gorgeous shoes ever…when I asked her where she got them she told me the name of a shop nearby. I had never heard of it (I hate shopping – I truly don’t know what’s worse- shopping or spending a day at the museum- shoot me either way). I always buy everything online anyway so I don’t actually have to face the salespeople because they know I am THE biggest SUCKER and all I need to hear is “that is perfect for you!” and boom- SOLD! Ill take it in every color ….I am a veteran salesperson and it’s common knowledge that salespeople love to be sold.

Anyway- when she was providing me with directions to get to said shopping establishment I had no idea where she was referring  even when she virtually talked me through local streets.

She finally said out of frustration that I’ve gotta get out more!
Hmmmm. I had to think about that for a moment.

Yes, it was true. I DO have to get out more!

I realized right then and there that I drive the same course each day,  day in and day out.

Which made me think about daily ROUTINES and HABITS.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I do the same things every day.

Habits are actually one of the best methods of sticking to a fit for life program. You see, if we all stuck to our daily GOOD habits, we would not have the option to fall off the bandwagon. It’s only when we veer from the course of good habits and routine that we sabotage (you know that’s my favorite word) our healthy lifestyle.

Some people (like myself for years and years) have to travel for work and can’t stick to a daily routine. Some people just have other responsibilities that come up and cause a ruckus in the daily routine.


But the bottom line is this….


If we STICK to our HABITS…. Our GOOD HABITS that is, we would all be in Better shape.


So, lesson learned:

Create GOOD ROUTINES that you stick to and try not to allow yourself to swerve from the path of righteousness, unless it’s to go to the awesome shopping place where my friend bought her shoes.

Have a great weekend !!!

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