Sharks and Bungey Jumps! Good times!

There must be a lesson in here somewhere ….

Yesterday I took my kids to the carnival my club was hosting for the holiday break.

In the midst of the typical     “Playground – Put – together – in -12 minute- fly- by -night rides”, and tucked between the  popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and other get your heart attacks on a stick, right by the “throw as many darts as you want you still won’t hit the target to win the prize because the darts are laced with magnets” -although we actually DID win a few prizes due to the nature of husband’s enormous Popeye arms and my nagging him that if he did NOT win we would have very angry kids to deal with- (I think he really wanted to win to stop my nagging nothing to do with said kids), stood something that caught my eye….


Needless to say this was the ride I forced my kids to wait in line in the heat of the midday Florida sun even though they really wanted to ride the Hungry Hungry Hippos.

So there we stood – almost our turn! But wait….First, there are Two things you need to know about me.

  1. I am simultaneously obsessed and terrified of sharks and
  2. I am petrified of heights.

This makes going in the ocean and cool rooftop parties very difficult. Hence, I have never bungey jumped and don’t intend to. (When I was in my 20’s- ok, fine, closer to 30 and – yes- STILL single, I went to Australia with a few awesome guy friends. We spent 13 days traveling up the entire coast in a Winnebago stocked with nothing but smelly boy farts, a shower we didn’t use even once and ONE can of tuna. The guys had gone to New Zealand the week before and spent the time bungey jumping. I only fiened jealousy that I couldn’t join them but secretly I was relieved I wouldn’t have to show them I wouldn’t DARE jump….I never turn down a dare but that’s because I stay away from situations where someone would dare me to do something. I am that person that stirs up a bar fight, then slowly and stealth fully sneaks out under the stools)

So there I stood at the make shift carnival and lo and behold my dear daughter steps off her trampoline and DARES me to do it….well, being a person that never turns down a dare I just HAD to try it  lest let down daughter dearest and the growing crowd that had recently heard a woman was about to make a fool of herself. Something interesting about human nature- we all enjoy watching the pitiful attempts of others failing at something. 

So there I was in the heat of the Florida sun (CAN and WILL NOT stop rubbing that in!) being strapped in (and I suspect felt up) by this carnival guy that’s paid $4 an hour to ensure the safety of my harness, and I immediately felt a coronary coming on. As I held in my breath and performed a few Kegels to stop the rest of the pee that was streaming down my leg, I decided that I MUST practice allowing myself to just LET GO. I HAD to force myself to deal with this fear of heights. So I did what I had to do….I LET GO!! and you know what? I actually had FUN!

Lesson learned folks:

Sometimes we need to embrace our fear and just let it go.

Tomorrow I’m looking into scuba diving with sharks. But first, Today I will make an appointment with the cardiologist.

And now for some entertainment….



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