Ride your heart out, then STOP for the old man…..


Yesterday we took the girls to get new bikes.

Being a family of four I never had the need  to drive a huge SUV so when it came time to load the car with 3 new bikes (Did I forget to mention I got myself one too?…more on this in a second) all three could not fit.

My first thought was to leave the kids behind and take the bikes, but husband nixed that one and instead opted to have me ride my own bike home and he take the kids with their bikes.


Now, let me go back to my honorable mention about my bicycle purchase…..

You see, when I was in my early 20’s I lived in israel for a moment in time (WHAT A great blog THAT one will be….stay tuned) and my mode of transportation was rollerblades, until I accidentally caught so much momentum on a decline and went flying downhill so fast and hit a woman and her 8 children (none were hurt in the making of that scene) so i retired my blades and bought a used bike from my friend i met waitressing at a steakhouse(having NEVER eaten meat in my life – and top seller of the restaurant- i learned NEVER to trust a waiter when asking his/her opinion of the specials)

Anyway back to the bike…..one day riding home i hit a tiny crack in the sidewalk, went flying, cracked a rib and broke my elbow. Nothing major but it was the launch of my career as an indoor spinner instead.

Hence, my trepidation when forced to ride my new bike home yesterday….I know what my friends in NYC are thinking right now: they train every morning at 5:00AM for triathlons, ride their road bikes 50 miles a day for fun and are absolutely laughing their butts off at my fear of a 5 mile flat ride home…..but you must understand that i walk into walls that have been standing there forever, I stub toes on furniture that i placed, I back out of driveways and hit light poles that I insisted I didn’t know were there…..yes, my friends, I am  career DINGY.

SO, I did what any other brave mama would do as to not show fear to her children who were so enthused  to get home and ride their own….I hopped on my bike, put on my 8 years olds monkey helmet, tucked my phone in my bra and RODE!

I was having a ball! I felt like a i was 10 years old again riding to the store with my friends for $0.25 candy!!! (How young and innocent we were back in the 70’s….riding bikes and potato sack races were plenty to keep us entertained. Iphone, x-box…..what have we done??)

I was going so fast and like a dog sticking his face out a car window,I was loving the wind in my face.

Until 3 blocks into the ride, an old lady was pulling OUT OF the parking lot and didn’t see me. (Of course she didn’t see me- she was old and wasn’t looking like the rest of the Floridians on the road).

Then a block after that I had to stop short because of the old man pulling INTO the parking lot and not looking. Then a block after that I stopped because the driver turning right didn’t bother to look if a pedestrian was trying to cross.

And so on for the next 45 minutes stop and go just a little, then STOP and go just a little.

Hence, My bike is now retired in my garage until I turn 80 and can ride at the appropriate Floridian pace. Until then, I think I will take up Aqua aerobics with my new old friends Fran and Arlene.


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