New Years Resolution a week later?




Bridget Jones Balsam Diary

January 3, 2012:

Weight: Up 5 kilo from this morning.

Alcohol units: too many to count; Calories consumed: including or not including alcohol?



Sound familiar to you too? Ahhh…New Years Resolutions!!!

Did you make it past day 2?


I personally did not even attempt day one however I DID learn an important lesson about myself…..when i don’t have structure (such as the past 11 days when kids on vacation ) I don’t have good habits. I eat on the go and make unhealthy choices. I nosh and snack on meaningless calories that don’t fill me past the moment they pass my lips and I continue to fall into that dark dark hole of bad behavior because in my crazy head I justify: Today I am on vacation and tomorrow i will be healthier, eat clean, exercise.

Then I throw on my elastic waist shorts and hide the tummy bulge under my sweatshirt and pretend nothing happened.


Then rinse repeat.


I don’t know about you but for me i look forward to the day vacation is over so i can go back to routine and structure.

To some people, vacation is a time to let go and relax, de stress…for me vacation is a time to get anxious about the lack of routine and while I am not sitting watching Jerry Springer I am certainly not training for a marathon. THings seem to go on the back burner, and with that so do my good habits. However, I endure the repercussions soon after and beat myself up every morning after.


Which leads me to my yada yada yada- heard it all before – yet really worth repeating –  post about HABITS and ROUTINE and just how important they really are to a dysfunctional non-dieter like myself.


If you are at all like me (which most of your commentary to me suggests you are) then listen up!!!…..
We wake up each morning with a new day ahead. We can choose to continue to fall into the black hole of regression and continue the negative cycle of bad behavior, OR…..da da da! Drum roll please!:

We can opt to make the MOST out of TODAY and get right back on that proverbial horse of life and use this opportunity to make TODAY your New Years Resolution. (Less pressure than January 1)


For me, I am taking it one MEAL at a time!!! Too much pressure to say Ill be down 10 pounds by friday and way too unrealistic to fool myself by suggesting that Ill stop drinking so much wine every night….instead I will simply breath , move a little more, and be more conscious and aware of my choices today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!




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