Careful what you wish for…



Dear School Administration:

Thank you for giving my children the opportunity to enjoy their winter vacation. They, like you, needed the break and enjoyed the Holidays with their family. I am so pleased that we have all had the chance to share the wonderful New Year together and take some time to recharge from school work.

But it’s time for them to go back now. Please come and get them.


Jordana Balsam- mother of 2 very ACTIVE kids.


I have always worked. My entire life I can remember being in some form of sales. From an early age in grade school I would sneak into the kitchen cabinet and snatch the entire box of Bazooka Joe gum that my mom had just bought for the family and sell each piece to my friends in school for a $0.05 mark-up (100% profit for me since i didn’t pay for it in the first place) .   When other kids were busy sitting in front of a lemonade stand on the corner where only their moms and weird looking pedophiles would stop to buy, I was busy being a door to door salesman offering my neighbors the opportunity to buy candy bars for “school charity” when i really just took the box of Hershey’s from my kitchen (thank you Mother for your love of junk food and always stocking the house with salable stuff to steal.)


I always hustled my way through things – from finding the highest paying babysitting gig (the kid with the weird eye that no one would sit for),  eventually graduating to suntanning- i mean- lifeguarding, I did whatever I needed to do to earn the spending money to go to the movies with my friends.

I would  have $100 in the bank and turn it into a 2 week trip to Spain. Somehow I always managed on my own. When I began my REAL career just about 20 years ago and got on the fast track of working woman hear me roar, I never seemed to have time for myself.

Even when I was fortunate enough to start my own business almost a decade ago – and make my own hours – I still considered it a luxury to get a manicure during the 12 minutes I took for lunch.

My first born did not even know i was on a business trip for her first birthday celebration because I took pictures of her with a cake afterwards for the album so later in life she would think we made a big production out of it like the other good moms did.

Child number 2 never had the feeling of being coddled by her mama because i took only 1 day off for maternity leave (she was born the night of Yom Kippur so I took the actual holiday off then returned to work the following day.) She was practically raised by her nanny and  to this day I flinch when we pass by a Trinidadian woman with a large and inviting bossom.

Business was booming and life was busy and i was a magical mom who managed to have it all. Except more time with my kids. I always asked for more time with the kids!

I would envy my friends who never worked that they could take time to go to the gym during day light hours and peruse the sale racks at Nordstrom’s. They would meet the others from the Mommy and Me groups for coffee and go to matinees during the day….what a luxury!!!

But deep down I knew that lifestyle wasn’t for me and i always enjoyed having an office to go to. Nothing made me happier than making money! But still, part of me always looked forward to mini vacations and days off with the family.


Until now. 


Why are the kids off from school for 17 days? seriously, I did my duty and paid my dues. We took them to the carnival, ate popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones, went to the zoo, swam at the club, played golf and tennis, dug sand castles at the beach, tasted every menu in town, shopped till we dropped.

I feel like i am living the scene from the original “Naked Gun” with Priscilla Presley  and Leslie Neelson on their super long date that lasted only one day- yet my days seem to blur into one another at this point.

Are you there god, it’s me Jordana, please give me back my structure and routine and mundane schedule!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E spending time with the kiddies (yes, they read my blog on occasion) but it’s time to go back to school.

Thank god for Reisling.


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