Your taste in Music SUCKS…..


Yesterday I borrowed my sister in laws (Age 24) ipod to go for a run.

I kept having to fast forward through her playlist until i finally found the one random Madonna song to calm my nerves from her Kanye and Pitbull.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Eminem and Adele like the rest of the pop culture – (DO NOT even get me started on the Bieber or Jonas fever- I CAN and will NOT tolerate them) but it occurred to me that each generation has their own sense of music appreciation.

It mad me reflect upon the personality traits I used to decipher and analyze when i was young an single and in the dating scene.

Back then we didn’t have ipods and ipads to tell the type of personality the other sex had….

This was  EONS before Google made dating a public spectacle to fraternize – when I thought i had dating down to a science ….

If we were in a restaurant the “TELL” would be how the guy spoke to the waiter…if he was a total Arse to him then there would be no second date

If he was overly compassionate than he was clearly just putting it on for me and did not realize I saw right through his farce,

If he was polite but indifferent he was worthy of a second date but typically not a third.

Until Cosmopolitan Magazine became known to men as a Cliff Notes on dating – a cheat sheet for the modern metrosexual male- and they learned how to outsmart the system, alas there was an alternative method to background checking a guy…..their music collection.


Back then Itunes didn’t divulge personality – but the discs they collected for just a penny  with no obligation except having to purchase 12 more within the year for $29.99 each- now THOSE were the TELL all of a guys character.

If he played Luther Vandrose, Bee Gees or Marvin Gay,  then you knew this guy was just a player and it was time to get the hell outta there.

If he played Boy George you knew you didn’t have to RUN for the hills but be just slightly cautious for possible confused sexuality and probably a perfect shopping partner.


Blues Traveler was pretty much a safe bet.


Music really makes a man.


SO…… yesterday, while flipping through the 489 songs on my young single (and available!) sister in laws playlists, I had to reflect on just how PERSONAL music can be.


I suppose the lesson learned is…… each person is unique in their own tastes and predilections. We are all made up of individual flavors and preferences and you simply can NOT judge a person by their appearance.

Instead, steal their ipods and listen to what they rock out to…THEN decide if you like them or not 🙂

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