The kids are back in school -yay! I think?……

School commenced again yesterday – after 2 weeks of winter vacation- and I got out of bed and literally jumped for joy at 6:00AM – READY!! – to start the day and BACK TO ROUTINE!!!…..Made everyone their nutritious breakfasts, filled water bottles with freshly cut up lemons, packed nut free snacks, assisted with hair, sunscreen and other accessories, tied laces because kids were just too tired to tie their own, hustled everyone out like clockwork to the car for drop off – all on time!!!!

Without missing a beat, I went straight to my own workout routine- having had NO time to myself for 2 weeks I truly needed to just MOVE my extra large tuchus (and for those of you blog followers that don’t understand my sarcastic humor-  YES, I DID love spending all that time with the kiddies – and YES I was THRILLED to have time off from the work routine – NO, I am not depressed about having to care for said children – the drinking every night is for enjoyment no need to call AA- and NO you do not need to go calling child services on me either – for speaking up for the rest of us super mama’s who simply DESERVE a break from doing it all once in a while!!!)

Back to my workout….After working up a great sweat and even greater amount of energy in less than 40 minutes, I excitedly returned back to my home office to get my work done now that i had QUIET time on my hands.

So. Very. Quiet.

I felt like I was in a nursery rhyme where not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. (Lord knows what I would do if there were a mouse-  I imagine it would play out like that lady in Tom and Jerry cartoons back in the 50’s before MGM had Politically Correct writers and rules- you know the woman who carried a broom to sweep away Jerry – she wore the very racist red scarf on her head and nude knee high pantyhose dripping from her large cankles – where she always leaped up onto a chair with a broom and called for Thomas to stop eating her freshly made pies that SHE still continued to place directly in his reach to cool on the windowsill)

So I focused on my writing, and got what seemed like hours  of work done- then I looked at the clock to gage just how much time had passed….19 minutes.

So. Very. Quiet.

It made me start to think about how my kids are growing up so fast – a fact that I never really paid much attention to having always been caught up in the day to day as life is just so busy filled with the good kind of chaos….despite what all the elder experienced mothers warned me when my first child was born- that “they grow up so quickly- enjoy them while you can!” – I suppose I just always seemed to enjoy the moment we were in- until now when I’m reflecting upon just how fast MY OWN life is going….wasn’t I just in college and being called ugly by a homeless man last week???? Seems like it.

I don’t need to spell out the lesson here for you…..

Enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones, as they will teach you something about yourself and how you handle them and ultimately, if you allow the experience to do so, will make you stronger.

Kiss, hug and SAVOR the touch of your children’s little fingers …..We ALL grow up so fast. I feel like I am still growing and ever evolving in my own womanhood. Day by day I learn and strengthen my knowledge of life. I work on my OWN adult relationships with friends, family and my partner.

We ALL grow up so fast. It is so clear that what “they” -the elders that be- the wise men and women – warned me 8 years ago – to enjoy my time with my children as LIFE goes by FAST.

Our time on THIS planet is limited to somewhere under a 100 years give or take. If you’re lucky you will live a healthy happy lifetime and attain that age and be announced on the TOday show with your picture on a jar of jam. Some people unfortunately are only on this Earth for only a few days, or months or years.

We must enjoy each and every GROWING moment as each day we have with a loved one truly is a blessing and a gift…..An opportunity to GROW.

Now I must go and get me kids out of the house already!!! It’s time for ME!!!!! (hey, I said  I appreciate them – I didn’t say I had to have them around all day!)

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