Careful what you say….

If you had the chance to read this morning’s post than you may understand the reference of this one. If you have not yet read it, don’t bother looking for it because i deleted it.

To sum it up for you, I basically was explaining the importance of watching WHAT you say and HOW you say it. Because I am a no nonsense kind of person, I had made the mistake of speaking my mind to someone the other day and, in turn, hurt her feelings. Although my intentions were from a good place – I simply wanted to prevent us from gossiping- which is something I do NOT do- and I ended up making her feel bad with my very direct approach about it.

So I wrote about it and while doing so, I used language that was to say the least- unbecoming of a lady.

I probably should have used words that are fit for Ned Flanders rather than Homer Simpsons.


I have always been a big fan of leading by example and thats why I don’t allow my children to speak negatively to each other (or to anyone else) and I watch what I say in front of them .


So it was counterproductive and somewhat hypocritical that i used curse words to embellish a point – a point of making the point to watch what you say!!!


So there you go: lesson learned…..


be careful of your words and how you say them, regardless if they are true. It is always more effective to use flowery language rather than sounding ignorant with curse words.

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