Sometimes a call is the Right Price……

I caught up on the phone with an old friend the other day for her birthday. Having not spoken to her in Lord knows how many years, I had not remembered it was her birthday but when I went to post my blog- I found the best loophole in the 21st century……Facebook.

I think FB is the modern day version of the 1950’s game show “This is your life” – where a celebrity would be lured by some ruse to a studio location and “surprised” in a way only an actor can be – like  “I cant believe i won the oscar- I totally wasn’t expecting this!” sort of way- and he would be greeted behind a curtain one by one by the significant members of his lifetime and had to guess who they were. Then he would win the Grand Prize of a home 16 mm projector. (Wow, consolation prizes sure have evolved – from the Wheel of Fortune’s white porcelain Dalmatian to a Grandfather Clock on the “Price is Right”….we’ve come a long way baby)

Facebook has that same ability to reunite individuals with each and every member of their past – whether they wanted to be reacquainted or not….gotta love it!

So, with my birthday cheat sheet I gave her a quick:

“HB Day” wall post and  while doing so discovered the 358 other posts on her wall which made me start to think about the one sociology class I took in college because it was a guaranteed “A”…..

Humans have a need to connect to one another, yet they also need their space or boundaries. The best example is in an elevator. People tend to step to the back when they get in or off to the side when someone else comes through the doors. We all need our invisible partition. Seinfeld joked about it in his “close talker”  episode and we all got a giggle because we all know that person who just doesn’t get the idea of the invisible frontier of social etiquette and stands so close to you that you can detect just how many open pores he has on his left nostril.

So back to FB…..The social networking site has taken the intimidation and apprehension out of approaching someone. It used to be the telephone with the copper wires to hide behind if a confrontation was necessary. Now it’s texting, posting – whatever venue to avoid actually speaking face to face…close talk is a non issue.

So when I actually picked up the phone to call her and wish her a happy birthday in person, it was a heroic gesture that was so appreciated.

Sometimes TALKING things out can make ALL the difference in the world.

In Sales, the best form of “closing” a client is an in person meeting where hand gestures, eye movement, shoulder raises and hair flipping are the key elements to success.

Maybe we should all stop reading this post and go call a friend. Afterall, you probably have over 400 on your wall waiting to hear about what your status is this minute!


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