Today I eat crow (no not a new diet)…

For those of you that read my blog the other day about the woman who misinterpreted my – ahemBLUNT (and possibly too DIRECT) method (albeit with good intentions) of preventing what I considered the onset of nonsense chatter that may have lead to gossip….and in turn, became upset at me, I have a follow up….

I ended up deleting the post because I realized afterwards that I was so focused on writing about HOW and WHAT you say that I used curse words to enunciate the point which ultimately is hypocritical to what my point was that I was trying to express….to be careful WHAT you say! (Oh, and also because i got in BIG trouble for it!!)

But let’s face it….curse words are just SO much more effective! (When I was little my teacher would say “Oh fudge!” we all knew she really meant “Oh F$C&” so we still snickered at the lack of command the word fudge eluded to. You’re not fooling anyone here with the chocolate swapping….you just sound like a Girls Scouts leader trying to sell the last Samoas and Thin Mints.)

So, here I am this morning regretting that i even brought up the topic at all and here’s why:

The very next morning in the gym class, I saw the woman and decided to break the ice so I gave her my hugest sincerest smile (people in the east coast dont smile often so i really stood out like a sore thumb having grown up in the midwest cow tipping world of Chicago. when I moved here EVERYONE smiles and I truly think its because its sunny all the time and it keeps the glare out of people’s eyes!!)  so I smiled and said hello in a very upbeat manner. She then came up to me and confessed that she thought about what i said overnight and completely agreed with me.

We then began chatting about OTHER interesting things such as THE MEANING of LIFE (ok, I just said that for effect so you would get the impression that we were having a deep conversation, we really just did squats and talked about how much our tuchus was killing us from the day before!) and after another grueling 40 minute sweat session we became fast friends.

You see, sometimes it takes a while to let the point set in and think it through before you react.

We BOTH learned a lesson from this.

I learned that she WAS such a NICE person and not to judge someone based on their first reaction or a first meeting. (Even if they mutter about you- admit it, you probably deserved it. Besides, I mutter to myself all day long!)

SHE understood the value of positive energy and the power of a SMILE and that sometimes it’s worth letting things sink in before you take ACTION to cause a REACTION.

Bottom line folks:

Give the benefit of the doubt – you never know what lies beneath the layers of defensiveness….may just be a smile waiting to come out and block the sun!!

Have a wonderful weekend and savor the time with whomever you are spending it with!

2 thoughts on “Today I eat crow (no not a new diet)…

  1. You’re a bigger person than I am (not literally obviously). Because once I get even a small quick glimpse into what a person is capable of, I don’t forget it, knowing that no matter how much they try to recover and make nice nice, avoiding conflict, hiding who they really are behind a polished and practiced smile AND apology, I still can’t help but think it’s putting lipstick on a pig.

    • I think that is EVERYONE’s NATURAL instinct! I too would just LOVE to literally (not metaphorically) punch people’s lights out! However, I lived in a suburb where people were very unkind to one another and I learned early on to KILL them with KINDNESS or I wouldnt survive! sometimes it just makes ME feel better about myself that yes- I AM a bigger person but most often I am surprised when that beeyotch turns around and allows the nastiness to shed away- i look at it like an iceberg that i slowly chip away at- only for MY OWN benefit (i truly could care less if they go through life angry) but it sure helps ME feel better that I dont allow them to get to me!!!
      miss you! lets have a date next week!!

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