Beep beep beep- MOVE!……

The other day I was at Walmart (my new favorite store- having never been to one in my life – I now stop by multiple times a week for toiletries not to mention the quality writing material I gather on just observing the patrons shopping) and as I was browsing through the shampoo Aisle (something about toiletries has always appealed to me. I can spend hours in Target just browsing through the lip glosses and eyeliners. The shades haven’t changed yet somehow I lose track of time and am transported into another dimension of revolving colors and oozing smells…the entire experience is soothing and mesmerizing and relaxing on some admittedly weird level (probably dysfunctional mother issues).

Anyway back to the shampoo aisle…..

SO there  I was minding my own business in my spaced out state when I hear a beeping noise behind me.

Similar in sound and pace as a large truck backing up it went like this:

“Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep”

in a steady high pitched tone – only something was off….

The beeping was coming from a human!

I turned around and saw an obese YOUNG woman in a motorized scooter behind me – literally beeping me – without a horn no less- to move out of her way.

Let me remind you, I live in Florida now, and it is not unusual to see an older, frail person riding a motorized scooter in the aisles of stores trying to pass by but typically i see them coming and understand by the look in their eyes that they are not about to move for ME and that they think they are entitled to the right of way – maybe because they believe they paid their dues by moving out of BULLETS way in the WAR (yeeks – what entitlement!)  – nevertheless, it is known that they and are not stepping aside for those of us pedestrians that actually walk, however, I have never indeed heard a woman  BEEP at me as though she were  in fact, A TRUCK, not just the SIZE of one.

I know it was asking a lot to expect an “Excuse Me” or even an “Outta My Way!” heck, I would have settled for “MOVE IT!”

But beeping????

Seriously? This woman had actually BECOME her vehicle!!

At what point in a young persons life do they just decide to give up WALKING and TALKING for cookies and candy? Don’t get me wrong- I have my own issues with overeating and over indulging on the cookie front myself- however, I don’t really get how a person allows themselves to get THAT BIG that they can not walk through a Walmart without wheels and honking at others?

I suppose there are TWO different issues here:

1. The obesity epidemic (just shut your mouth it is not a disease for god sake )- why are we spending so much money on obesity research when it’s simply a matter of choice? Cancer is not a choice. Obesity is.

My husband always reminds me that no one put a gun  to my head before i inhaled the entire box of Oreos and complained to him later that night. (I still manage to find a way to make it all HIS fault that i ate them.)


  1. Losing yourself in your technology.

I see this aspect every single day. Be it a cell phone ,smartphone, ipad, ipod, xbox, computer (you can see I am out of date- i use the same mac laptop and 2 year old blackberry that has terrible internet ) – whatever electronic technological gadget it may be- people seem to put their nose into their devices and never look up. They walk down the street with their face buried and fingers furiously texting away. (Just once I’d like to pounce out of the bushes and mug one of these texters and scare the bejesus out of them- teach them a lesson and maybe score a new lipgloss)

My biggest pet peeve is when I see them driving while reading their emails and holding their phones to their heads (apparently LEGAL in Florida -which i did not know and actually pulled my window down to scold someone guilty of said texting – only to be flipped the birdie), or driving while applying nail polish (such pretty colors! – I wonder if they went to target?)  and ignore oncoming traffic. They interrupt each other at dinner to retrieve calls that have no particular urgency other than the phone rang.

So here’s my final thought:

Let the technology go folks! Put it down for a minute while you are walking and actually look around you – become aware of your surroundings.

For the first time the phrase: “stop and smell the roses” makes sense other than on a figurative level…..actually take it literally and smell, enjoy and be mindful of what is surrounding you.

Same thing with the obesity issue…get out and take a walk…even if it’s only 2 or 3 steps before your large legs cave in. Make each step count and push yourself toward a healthy goal. And for goodness sake- don’t just accept what you have become …..make the change to improve yourself. Take the time to say “excuse me” instead of beeping!

Forgo the Baby steps…..take the BIG steps. That’s what makes change.

2 thoughts on “Beep beep beep- MOVE!……

  1. J– Can you suggest a good breakfast to eat in the morning before your morning workout? And if you are workng out in the later morning, what is a good snack to eat?

    I would love some suggestions…

    Also what do you think of the gluten free craze and the latest books that talk about wheat products being bad for more than just people with celiacs? Do you think people can lose weight by not eating wheat and replacing it with wheat free and gluten free alternatives?


    • hi!! YES yes and yes!!! breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day!!! I literally jump out of bed and go straight to the kitchen (admittedly before brushing teeth!) to put on the stove top and heat up frying pans!
      I lay out 2 pans at night and have all dry ingredients ready for me!
      here’s my latest kickstart to the day:
      I make a scrambled egg white omelet with whatever vegetable leftover from night before (broccoli, spinach tomatoes whatever you prefer!) or just make it plan. also a good option to throw in some lox!!! thats one pan in the other i fry up my pancake(by “fry” i mean with pam spray) its a blend of dry oatmeal(no you don’t need to cook first) and egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond milk! all in the blender and pour right into pan and make (although can be sloppy but i don’t care!) a large “pancake”!! its amazing.
      then throw them into paper cups and take in car. on way out door i either eat a sliced yellow apple with cinnamon or cup of berries with my coffee and of course WATER!!! *add lemon!)
      thats my PRE workout breakfast. what i prefer is to eat half in the car on way out and save the second half for after workout.
      if you workout later in the day eat this early! then about a half hour before your workout eat greek yogurt with fruit and some almonds! such a good pre workout snack!
      I HIGHLY recommend eating lunch or a similar snack RIGHT away after your workout while your metabolism is still running efficiently – this will help your digestive system and your metabolism!!!
      as for the gluten free craze- i have one thing to say: its all about HOW much of it you are eating! you can buy gluten free products all day long but if you’re eating 20 gluten free crackers instead of lets say 7 non gluten free crackers- then its all about calorie in calorie out
      i think all carbohydrates are GREAT as long as they are COMPLEX Carbs (no refined sugars!!) so for example, sweet potato, oatmeal, oat bran, fiber cereal etc.
      Im not a fan of the gluten free products i think its hype and marketing. a carb is a carb is a carb (as long as its complex!!!) for more on this email me ill send more info!
      i didn’t forget about the workouts!! Ill post some later!

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