Workout! BE sexy and know it…..


A friend of mine reminded me that I used to write about the workout of the day and asked that I bring that back to my repertoire! (I had to actually stop and consider  the fact that at least ONE person is paying attention! maybe i should clean up my act a bit? nah) and I thought it was an opportune time to write about an oldie but goodie that i just did yesterday!

For those of you loyal readers these moves may be repetitive but I’m happy to say I have a whole new crew of readers now and admit it folks- we could ALL use a little reminding now and again. Not to mention the old adage which certainly rings true: “if it aint broke don’t fix it”- these WORK!!!

A little backtracking here….I am a huge believer in working out with the methodology of LESS time MORE efficiency- in other words- get the most out of every minute of your workout and don’t bother spending hours at the gym. I for one don’t HAVE the time to spend and i allot myself 45 minutes 5 days a week (that includes parking) to get a great sweat session and my heart rate pumping. Dont bother talking to me while Im working out- I will most certainly ignore you. I truly take my workouts seriously and I truly make them as hard core, brief and to the point as possible. Similar to the way I am in bed. kidding. sort of.

I am a HUGE fan of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as it really makes your heart jump right out of your chest and hit the gal in front of you – all while only taking up approximately 30 minutes of your day!

I recently took up – then gave up – spinning (yet again)- as it was definitely a fun activity and i certainly pushed myself during those intervals but I also realized that in the interest of time i was neglecting my other body parts that were screaming out for weight training!! Not to mention the ordeal of having to reserve a bike, wait in line for sign up, yada yada waste  of precious time I simply don’t have.

You heard it here first folks- WEIGHT /STRENGTH training is KEY to CHANGING your body! You will NOT make  CHANGE with spinning or running for hours on the treadmill like a hamster!

Using your own body weight in simple moves (by simple i don’t mean easy but BASIC) such as PULL ups and PUSH ups- the push / pull movements are key to a toned upper body. You want BICEPS? you need to PULL! You want TRICEPS? you need to PUSH! Do you want strong legs? Do what I tell my girls when we are out- SQUAT like your on a public potty!!!

Ok, heres a very basic routine consisting of 5 exercises. Perform each routine 4 times as FAST AS YOU CAN – with proper alignment (do NOT compromise alignment for speed!!!)

In between each of the 3 rounds do a quick 2 minute cardio burst! I opt to jump rope in place 200 times . OR if you prefer, you can change it up and if you have access to outdoors or a treadmill- hop on  run around the block AS FAST AS YOU CAN  for a 1/4 mile. If you want to stay put and have limited space do the jump rope (you don’t even need a rope! just jump!) OR  jump up with high knees for a count of 200! Then repeat the entire routine. THREE TIMES!!!

Ready? Set? here we go! (Print this out if you want and bring to the gym!)


start on your knees and make sure your back is straight, core is tight , tush is squeezed in and head is level with your spine-(eye level is ahead of you ) then kiss the floor with your nose! try 10 then work up to 20.

straight away (no resting!) go right into


make sure your back and core are straight and chest is up and forward (no slouching!) knees never go past your ankles and the lowering down into a squat is done as low as you can go with everything else in alignment as i mentioned above. try with a 10 lb. weight in your hands at chest level elbows tucked into your sides. If 10 lb.. is easy increase to 20 lb.! I guarantee you 20 squats with a 20 lb. weight in your hands at chest level with out stopping will get your heart pumping!

Wait? what are you doing? no resting! Theres no stopping here until we are done with our routine!



Get down into a plank position then frog jump your feet into your chest and jump up and clap your hands then lower down all the way to floor (yes entire body on floor hands out to sides – the picture here only shows her in plank but i prefer to get ALL the WAY DOWN onto the floor – its harder to get up and makes the move oh so much more  challenging!!!) and then get up into plank and frog jump then jump high up again. repeat 20 times! Did I say 20? oy! this is hard!


Get into plank position and with your tush level with the rest of your core and tummy and tushy tucked tight bring your knees into your chest one at a time.

200!!! SICK!!!

Are you exhausted yet???

Now -before you go and spit up your breakfast we have just ONE more exercise for this routine!

5. LUNGES!!!

if you have weights hold a 10 lb. in each hand (work your way up to this or go heavier if this is easy- keep in mind you are going fast and no resting between these exercises so don’t go too heavy! make sure your alignment isn’t compromised) do static lunges with your back straight and chest up and forward, shoulders low and head looking straight in front of you. lower knee all the way to floor then switch legs. alternate for 20.

NOW_ once again! RUN! JUMP! HIGH KNEES! whatever -just MOVE!!! for 2 minutes!!

repeat this sequence 3 or 4 times depending on your fitness level and how YOU feel. should take you between 30 and 45 minutes of heart pumping fun!!!!

write in with results for time!

Tomorrow ill post another but i wont make it the entire blog -just warming up today:)

BALSAMFITSECRET.COM and Jordana Balsam are not intended to diagnose or cure any mental, or physical disorders, and BALSAMFITSECRET.COM and its writers are not licensed medical doctor’s, psychologist’s, or psychiatrist’s. If you have concerns about your physical well being and the use of these programs then consult the appropriate medical professional.

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