And so we begin to make CHANGE…..

I received an impressive amount of POSITIVE feedback from yesterdays exercise post that I decided to add to my new repertoire some of my favorite easy healthy recipes to coincide with the new workout regimen you are all undoubtedly trying today!!

Having always followed astrology, I have to believe that the stars must be in alignment for me because the new fitness place that I am experimenting with this month (no commitments for me -a lifetime GYM drop out- yes I mean in my lifetime I drop out often and most recently dropped out of “Lifetime Athletic Club”) so my new fitness facility is conducting a 30 day challenge – a biggest loser type for the big losers like myself who not only mock the dumbing down of America but participate in that feat first hand by religiously watching the reality shows depicting those like myself who get excited to get our fat rolls pinched and prodded and publicly posted-

(I suspect my husband is reading this and cringing at the thought of me broadcasting my fat rolls right now – not because I am showing off my rolls but simply because Im PROUD to do so! I know, I’m such a turn on.)

I am so excited to embark on this journey PUBLICLY with YOU fellow readers!!! You see, I for one am still struggling with my cookie addiction so I am going to include you on the 30 day challenge as I go so you can challenge YOURSELF too if you so desire. COME ALONG MY FRIENDS THE SHOW WILL NEVER END….

Now most of my friends in NYC know that I am typically a natural skinnie minnie but they also know that for personal reasons I allowed myself to become addicted to junk food for a window of time and managed to put on a whopping amount of excess booty (which on a woman like Sofia Vergara is so hot! But on a size “A” bust like myself- so NOT) that I have yet bothered to shake off entirely.

So aside from the HIIT exercises that I will be posting I will also include some healthful tips to keep US on track TOGETHER!

Are you with me folks??? Or are you just about deleting this right now?

Either way – it’s all about ME anyway- you see, the desire has to FIRST and FOREMOST come from WITHIN each and every one of us.

I can’t help you achieve something you are simply not ready to take on.

I can only help myself. You can only help yourself.

I learned long ago not to meddle in health related issues with  other people I cared for  – even if it’s someone I love and worry deeply about- it has to be something THEY and only THEY desire.

So, today’s first blog prior to Monday’s 30 day challenge is this most ESSENTIAL lesson which should be your mantra:


Allow yourself to mentally PREPARE for this upcoming INSPIRING CHANGE of OLD ways to more demanding HEALTHIER choices.

I know so many of you have requested this from me- you’ve written, called ,stopped me in the street with oncoming traffic (trying to tell me something???) – you’ve all asked for this and now Im calling your BLUFF!!!!


YOU need to WANT it. YOU need to FEEL it. YOU need to  FOCUS on making it happen and LIVE it.

Then and only then will CHANGE happen for YOU.

Are you ready?????……stay tuned.

Balsamfitsecret healthy tip for the day (Feel free to print):

Start your day with Lemon water FIRST thing in the morning as soon as you wake up- yes even before you have your coffee.

Your body has been in fasting mode for 7+ hours (if you’re lucky enough to get that much sleep) and you need to break the fast with water then EAT breakfast!!

I just answered my friends request for breakfast food ideas on the go- and ill post them again here.

Breakfast is MY FAVORITE meal of the day! I LOVE breakfast food!!!

My current routine (and this changes periodically so stay tuned for more ideas)……is very simple:

6 AM Drink an entire 8 oz. glass of water with lemon followed by coffee with almond milk . (I have recently switched from skim milk because almond milk boasts significantly more calcium,protein and vitamins for less calories! and tastes so good!) while i am drinking I start up the fry pans- two! one for the egg white omelet (i either mix in leftover veggies from prior nights dinner or eat it plain) another fun item to add is lox and tomatoes- so good!

In the second skillet is the “oatmeal pancake” I have shared this recipe many times as it is my ultimate favorite thing to eat in the morning!

In a blender :

1.dry oats (you can get the instant but i prefer real steel cut oats)

2. almond milk

3. cinnamon / truvia sweetener

4. liquid egg whites

Blend in blender then pour into skillet with PAM and fry into two large pancakes

i like to mix the large plain omelet with the pancake for a delicious super pancake and opur a litle almond milk over it to make it creamy- yummy and gross at same time- but you  can keep separate

7 AM i take both to go and eat a cut up golden delicious apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it or bowl of berries with GREEK yogurt in the car on way out door.

I eat half this breakfast prior to workout and second half immediately after in my car on way out!

WHY do I eat in a car which some may consider so uncouth?? because it’s essential to eat within 30 minutes after exercise for most effective calorie burn and metabolic /digestive efficiency yada yada yada blah blah blah – heard it all before- but TRUE!!!

Quick workout of the day:

20 kettle ball swings

20 squats with dumbbell over head press

20 push ups 

20 side planks EACH side and forward plank

After these exercises RUN for 2 minutes! OR jump rope for a count of 200 OR high knee kicks! ANY cardio counts!!!

Repeat entire sequence 5 times! YES FIVE!!! You’ll thank me later.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. All information contained in BALSAMFITSECRET.COM or on JORDAN BALSAM WEBSITES and EMAIL  including but not limited to text, graphics, images, information, third party information and/or advice, food, recipes, exercises, diets, psychology, websites, links, including but not limited to any content by employees, consultants or writers and contributors, and or any other material contained herein are for informational and educational purposes only.

4 thoughts on “And so we begin to make CHANGE…..

  1. Being the hamster runner that I now know I am ( have been called a gazelle previously but now I know I am just a hamster) and gym/weights challenged I LOVED the visuals yesterday and today. Thank you The problem is now doing the exercises or can I just look at the pictures 20 times!!!! Am going to try. You have brilliantly taught my 8 yr old to drop and do perfect burpees every time she hears any good news so now I will join in the fun. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi! This sounds great– if only I could do it all! Fantastic to know that someone else besides me actually uses Truvia sweetener!! I love eggs with veggies for breakfast, as well as old-fashioned oatmeal! I do go to Body Ballet class each week, which is fantastic for toning many muscles, while being graceful!! (Wish to join? It’s offered at Pilates-Health Connexion on T or F at 9:30 am. ) However, I need to motivate myself to get up, out, and exercise today– alternating walking/running ! And I should add some push-ups! Good luck!

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