About to indulge on the weekend! Now I need to find some stairs…

Its Friday YAY! – my favorite day of the week! I allow myself to indulge and relax and take time off from exercise to properly rest my body.

This does not mean that all hell can break loose -stay focused because MONDAY we BEGIN our journey!!!

Here are two of my favorite moves to start  the weekend off right!…..

WALL BALL!!! ….My all time favorite exercise that I have not done in ages – i attempted to try it at my  club but I neglected to look at the wall prior and only after a portion of it cracked off and crumbled into my hair did I realize that the wall was a temporary plaster flimsy partition.

I was immediately escorted out by two buff guys and asked to take it outdoors while my husband pretended not to know me and walked to the other side of the room and stayed there. (Yes, He does that often. But he’s used to it…. It’s all par for the course being married to  a nut job BIG MOUTH like me).

So, I plan to try this again this week because it works not only your biceps, core and back but also your legs and Buttocks!! Great FULL body workout and if done properly and fast enough will also be cardio!! I have done ONLY this exercise in the past and could not move the next day!!!

Heres how to do it:

1.Stand approximately 3 feet from a STURDY wall

2. Take a weighted ball (start with 6 Lb. if you’re a newbie escalate to 20 Lb when you are a Rockstar! I personally prefer the 12Lb.)

3. Hold in your hands with elbows tucked to sides

squat down and thrust the ball as high as you can up the wall in front of you as you use your legs to propel your body up

4. As the ball bounces back down catch it in your hands with elbows tucked and squat back down

Repeat for 20 or 30. Work your way up !!!! If you are able to do over a 100 in a row you surely don’t need another exercise in between- just keep going!

Yes I said it- 100! Whew! are you tired yet?

NEXT!!!!………..DEAD LIFTS!!! My number one favorite for lower back, hamstrings , calfs and core!!

BE CAREFUL with this movement- go slowly with NO weights at first until you get the hang of it. Gradually increase the amount of weight.

1. Bend your knees keeping your back straight.

2. Hold a bar, or a barbell or dumbbells

3. Raise yourself up to the standing position. Make sure back is straight and motion is coming form your LEGS

4. Lower the barbell down to mid lower legs- the barbell should remain close to your body

5. Lift the weight up to just above knee level- remember back is straight this is coming from the legs not your back!!

6. Your arms should be straight during the entire process.

…..More ideas Monday -I am limiting to TWO exercise moves today because I want to prepare you for your healthy new eating plan…….HOWEVER this does not mean you can’t repeat the other two days worth of moves! try to add some lunges and squats in between and you will be Golden!

By Request I am adding another cardio 2 minute drill to the repertoire….STAIRS!! Regular stairs in a building, your home, your office -school wherever you can find them! RUN up them and down again 4 times without stopping! I personally live in a ranch so I prefer skipping rope but stairs will surely make your heart leap out of your chest!!

Healthy recipe of the day:

Spaghetti Squash! An oldie but goodie and totally in season now! You can even find them at Walmart (just watch the beeping vehicle people)….

Cook squash (poke holes in first- i made this rookie mistake 20 years ago in my NYC small kitchen apartment with the ONE glass bowl I owned that was used for EVERYTHING-  and the microwave BURST open shattering the bowl all over the place. I was only upset that I broke my ONE kitchen utensil that acted as a form to heating up wax for my legs /cereal / mixing/ cooking dish/ chips/ popcorn / VASE  )

Place in microwave for 20 minutes or until soft and tender.

Allow to cool then cut open (don’t attempt to cut prior to cooling or you will surely burn yourself- whats the rush? it’s  a vegetable not cookie dough!)

scoop out seeds (I then bake them later and eat as snacks!)

put into large tin pan cover with tomato sauce and add any veggie you desire! …..cooked broccoli ,  cauliflower  onions and cut up tomatoes- be creative! Bake in over on 450 for 20 minutes- whala- dinner! If you desire sprinkle cheese – I use BUTTER SPRAY on EVERYTHING from salads to cooking – the way the old man used Windex in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” so thats my condiment of choice.

Heres a great dessert favorite of mine:

Mix nonfat plain Greek yogurt and sugar free fat free DRY instant pudding mix- mix them together freeze for 15 minutes- you’ve just made a delicious blizzard

TO be interesting and more NATURAL  you can replace the pudding mix with cooked sweet potato blended in with some sweetener and cinnamon- sounds disgusting but oh soooooo GOOD!

More ideas to come. Rushing out now to get in my 30 minute HIIT before I drink my wine (bottle) later tonight!!!!!

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. All information contained in BALSAMFITSECRET.COM or on JORDAN BALSAM WEBSITES and EMAIL  including but not limited to text, graphics, images, information, third party information and/or advice, food, recipes, exercises, diets, psychology, websites, links, including but not limited to any content by employees, consultants or writers and contributors, and or any other material contained herein are for informational and educational purposes only.

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