Make your own mistakes but take the old mans blessing….

I was sitting in synagogue on Saturday (I know, that NEVER happens- As most of you loyal readers know- I DO NOT attend services regularly – although I DO show up afterwards for the free booze)  but this particular weekend I promised someone I would meet them there early (actually – was only early for ME but was 2 1/2 hours after services commenced so I just MAY have made a little scene when climbing over the older woman’s legs and tearing their nude knee high nylons with my six inch heels on the way into an empty seat.)

So there I was sitting behind 2 old ladies (yes I said it- not elderly- not older -but seriously OLD LADIES- in the respect that they continued to “SHHHUSSSHH!!” me whenever I whispered almost inaudibly to my friend sitting right next to me (who could not hear me even within an inch from her ear) yet THESE Old Ladies  could NOT hear me when I was practically screaming when speaking directly TO them at the top of my lungs after the services) and in between dosing off and lip reading I had the opportunity to actually listen to the Rabbis sermon.

A man had just given a blessing to the congregation – a blessing that represented long life and health. The Rabbi spoke about how it was so opportune and even more fortunate that we received this blessing from a man that was in his 11th decade… you heard me ….this particular congregant was 101 years old. The fact that a man – who has lived a LOOONG life- can give the blessing to others- almost as if his own personal EXPERIENCE could pass along to us- well, I couldn’t argue with his credibility. ( I can however argue that the 101 year old should NOT be driving home afterwards but thats Florida)

But back to the blessing from the experienced blesser ….I had to think about that for a moment…..

Does something become more effective when it’s delivered by someone that has already experienced it themselves?

Can an obese physician pursuade his patient to change his ways and become healthier by diet and exercise? Surely the Dr. knows best about internal organs and how the body works….yet from example the physician has less creedibility when he too is significantly overweight and unhealthy.

Or better yet- the personal trainer- and I see this all the time at the gym- ANY gym- the trainer is significantly overweight and worse yet out of shape- and she is coaching her client to do “10 more!!”….how can that lend any credibility to cause motivation of any sort?

And don’t even get me started  on Paula Deen and her new Diabetes fortune- that will be an entirely different post!

I think that there is much merit in this theory yet I can’t help think that there is also tremendous benefit in EXPERIENCING the life lesson ourselves.

We can’t force others to learn from our experiences  or better word- mistakes – we have to make them ourselves to TRULY comprehend the PAIN  and then hopefully the PLEASURE that is ultimately derived from these experiences.

In other words- and you knew I was leading up to this- we can’t make people decide to better themselves and improve who they are and how they present themselves to others.

They have to want to.

They have to actually experience that desire themselves.

How people carry themselves and treat other people is entirely personal.

So there I stood- considering that maybe just maybe the 101 year old man giving us a blessing for long life is THE ONLY one who has any right to dole out blessings and life advice  as he certainly holds the appropriate chain of command when it  comes to hierarchy of life experience advisors, yet it was entirely up to ME to accept the blessing and the lesson that I intend to learn from it.

So  I graciously accept the blessing and pray to god that I am not driving in the car in front of his any time soon.

Now- for those of you who are joining me on my 30 day challenge!!……..

(FYI- if you do not want to join me on this 30 day journey to get fit and healthy that’s cool- I don’t intend to blog about it – only going to include a little motivational aspect toward the end of my daily posts to keep us on track!)

For those of you who DO want to join in the fun-just post a comment or let me know what you want to discuss in more detail-I am always available to talk shop about healthy living!

Today- we begin.

Here are the very simple rules:

1. Eat clean.  That means no processed foods.

  1. Don’t cut out any food groups. enjoy fruit! Enjoy oatmeal!
  2. No counting calories- simply eat until full.
  3. No refined sugars
  4. Eat combination of a.) lean protein b.) healthy fats and c.) complex carbohydrate in each of your three meals.
  5. Eat 2 light snacks in between meals and most importantly ……
  6. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water! Yes you should be peeing all day and all night! its par for the course.

Remember this is LIFESTYLE not a crash course to failure.


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