When Reality Bites it Must be real…..

As most of you loyal readers know- I have a slight obsession (OK- HUGE) with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I am proud to say that most likely it was because of ME  and my relentless stalking of Andy Cohen to be his cohost on Watch What Happens Live – that they received the highest rated reality show award ever on Bravo this past week.

That being said, I completely accept that what makes the show so darn entertaining is that their problems are SO REAL just like the rest of us. Like when Taylor spent $50,000 on her 5 year old’s birthday party because “ 5 is such a monumental age”.

So monumental Taylor, so monumental.

So it comes to reason that when my friend discovered that one of the housewives (Kyle) was coming to our neighborhood tonight she immediately invited me to accompany her to greet and meet the oh so famous reality TV star.

Needless to say at first I jumped at the opportunity.

However, now that I have had some time to think it through, I have decided that I will not attend the event after all.

You see, once upon a time, I lived in NYC and throughout my 2 decades as a New Yorker I had my fair share of movie star gazing. When I was 21 I walked 4 blocks to work with Christian Slater on his way to a set (although to this day I have no idea what movies he’s been in? so I had to fain excitement and was obliged to take his autograph which I promptly discarded in the trash on the next corner.) I kissed Adam Sandler (on the cheek because he moved his lips out of the way when he saw me pucker in for the kill) while running to catch a subway home from work, (even though I scared the crap out of him he called me a cutie and signed my hand at which point I immediately booked the big room and planned what I would name our future children).

I ran through Central Park weekly with Howard Stern (well I didn’t quite run WITH him- more like followed him like a stalker as he did the loop with Beth until they told me to leave them alone).

I did leg abductor machine presses next to Kim Cattrall and even allowed her to work in a set on the machine I was using (a favor I do not offer to anyone but decided that if I was nice I could follow her and her trainer around the gym and replicate everything they were doing and not have to pay for a training session).

I witnessed Matt Damon picking up a random girl at the Tasti Delight on my corner then proceeded to subtly snap some cell phone pictures of him while hooking up with her a few minutes later which i intended to post on the internet only to discover I had accidentally deleted it.

I even had the opportunity to ride a stationery bike next to Tony Danza and Mark Whalberg- of course i was 8 months pregnant and carried the 50 pound weight gain ALL in my ASS so I when I tried to act all sexy and demure and strike up a conversation, in retrospect, I suppose they really didn’t have to abruptly leave to “use the restroom”.

And so the namedropping list goes on and on and on- you see- famous people live and visit New York so often that its totally common place to see them throughout regular daily activities. They blend in and you just sort of acknowledge their presence and move on with your day.

But the  REALITY stars are DIFFERENT!

They are in a category of their own.

You see, the are actual REAL people !

For some reason, in my warped mind, I consider a REALITY TV star a REAL person and a movie star is just a two dimensional made up character (or 3D nowadays if you have one of those Television sets. speaking of- who wants to sit and watch TV with glasses on / that can’t be comfortable?)

TV and Movie stars entire personalities are written for them and their entire being is made up of a combination of a talented photo-shopper, a well known plastic surgeon, high paid make up artist and hairstylist and most importantly……really  good lighting.

Movie and TV stars are simply cookie cutter characters we see on the BIG screen who can be any persona they desire…no one has to know what they really think and how they actually speak in real life when their publicist isn’t writing their canned speeches and interviews.

But a REALITY star on the the hand….you know everything about them from the way they look without makeup to the color of their urine.

So when I realized that if I actually met Kyle in person and see her face to face – in flesh and blood- my image of her would absolutely change. I may just decide after all that -dare I even think it?- I DON’T want to be her BFF.

We  cant have that now can we?

SO i opted to not go.

But this brings to light a really interesting point…..

Our perception of others can be based on so many different facets from chemistry, to appearances to just how you get a “feeling” from them. Our immediate judgement of a person can easily be founded on misconceptions.

We have all been guilty of “judging a book by its cover”..if we weren’t – there would be no cliche about not doing so.

Are we basing our impressions of others just on outside shallow factors such as how they look? what they are wearing? how they smell?- without really getting to know the individual inside ?

Why yes, yes we are. But is that necessarily a BAD thing?

Sometimes gut instinct is the BEST SENSE we as humans have.

So, we all can learn a thing or two about actually taking the time to get to know someone past first impressions.

I took me 2 LONG SEASONS to get to know Kyle.

That’s why I decided to continue my “relationship” with her on the screen and leave the in person meetings to the friends I already have.

Now, onto our healthy fit lifestyle!!!!…. How is day 3 treating you? We are still just fresh out the gate when it comes to this 30 day challenge to get healthy so pace yourself!

Remember this is not a contest or a race. Don’t be foolish with poor eating habits- the key is to kick start a HEALTHY life not to drop weight fast only to gain it back and then some.

Just eat CLEAN until full (don’t  count or obsess) and do not cut out any food group – just stay away from processed food and refined sugars and you will be just fine!!

Today’s healthy tip:

Air squats!!!

With a straight back, lower your butt down with quads parallel to the ground and careful not to extend your knees past your ankles.

Do a set of 20 then do 30 jumping jacks!

Repeat 5 times! This can be done at home in less than 5 minutes so no excuses!!!

If you feel more ambitious- get down into a plank position and hold for 60 seconds then switch to side plank for 30 seconds switch sides 30 seconds.

Breathe and repeat!


please write in and let me know if you want me to list more detailed exercises. The feedback was great !!!

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