Leave the Mind Control for the Schmucks….

Someone I recently met said something to me yesterday that really made me stop and think. She was speaking to me about how bothersome it is when a person annoys her and seems to ingrain themselves in her head. She went on to describe the intensity she sometimes feels when someone aggravates her so much so that she can’t stop THINKING about them, as though they will not leave her THOUGHTS…as if they got inside her HEAD and never left. She referred to them as “Brain Squatters”!

I had to laugh at that analogy for 2 reasons:

1.) Because I actually pictured a person doing a squat inside her head and it made me think I should be doing my own squats and then I pictured someone doing them inside my own head and wished it would be that easy to firm my butt! and also-

2.) Because the idea of allowing someone that much POWER to irk you to the point where you can’t stop thinking about them- well it just reminded me of my favorite scene in the movie “Dinner for Schmucks”  when the character Therman, played by Zack Galifiankis, convinces the character Barry, played by Steve Carrel, that he has MIND CONTROL over him and proceeds to “control” his thoughts with grueling abusive eye contact.


The two go on to deliver one of the funniest scenes in – I -must-be-a-schmuck-to have – paid- $11- to -see- this -movie history.

Wow! To have such an ability to not only be able to CONTROL someone else’s mind but also BE the inspiration for the thoughts- now THAT is POWER !

It so insanely laughable because it doesn’t exist on its own ….a person can’t REALLY enter your head unless YOU ALLOW them the access into our mind.

In other words YOU are in CONTROL of what and how often you think about someone or something not the other way around!

Now I realize that when someone hurts you or does something mean, the thought typically lingers with you and it’s only natural to have a bad residual feeling afterwards. But it is entirely up to YOU to let those feelings penetrate and linger or to “leave them on the mat” as they say in yoga.

At this point of my life I have learned not to allow anyone inside my head. There is simply NO ROOM in there for anyone else’s craziness, believe me I have enough of my own.

My house is kept sparse and immaculate but my brain is covered entirely with all kinds of insane knick knacks which I have collected  over the years that would make the show Hoarders look like neat freaks. But because I am a Virgo, all my craziness is organized in neat file cabinets inside my brain that only I can access.

There simply is no occupancy left for anyone else’s admission to my personal freak show of a brain and I don’t have time, patience or energy to take them on as my own.

In other words, I have learned long ago to just “Get over it” as my little one likes to say.

If someone has a problem with me- well, so be it. It’s their problem not mine and I do not have a VIP room for them to enter and stay all night to party.

So, my friends, lesson learned:

Leave the mind control to Therman and learn to control your OWN mind and who and what you allow entry into it.

Now for the health tip of the day:

As long as we are speaking of positive thoughts I think it’s pertinent to mention the MOST important rule to getting fit and living a healthful lifestyle…..MIND CONTROL!!!!

YUP… it can work for the betterment of us as well……if we THINK we can be healthy then we WILL be healthy. If we THINK we can not live without candy or cookies or potato chips then that too is accurate.

It is all how you THINK about your life.

if you get up in the morning and decide that today is going to be a healthy and happy day- then you have just that much more going for you in your favor.

So, my fellow mind controllers….THINK that you CAN be healthy and you WILL be!

it’s all in YOUR mind not mine. (Sorry- no room!)


and now for your further entertainment copy this link and click :

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