Friday! EAT up! That’s the PLAN…..


Best day ever !

It’s also the best opportunity for us to RECHARGE by resting our muscles, REFUEL by feeding our bodies well, RE-ENERGIZE with sleep and RE-ASSESS our goals for the coming week.

Typically I overindulge on the weekend and blow my entire week of healthful habits…..but fear not fellow journey goers- I HAVE A PLAN!!….

YES I still plan to indulge. YES I still will allow myself my favorite snacks. I have not cut out any food group anyway so it isn’t as though I will be going off course…only for the weekend I am PLANNING to allow EVEN more of my favorites!

As you know I consider wine a fruit (seriously if you don’t know that by now- you really need to practice your reading comprehension) so that certainly won’t be new- but on the weekends i will indulge in earlier Happy Hour and probably drink a few too many -and you know what?….. Ill SURVIVE and be even BETTER for next week!

It truly doesn’t matter WHAT your poison of choice may be….I am offering you an allowance to go out and drink or eat it on ONE condition:

You actually ENJOY it. SAVOR it. TASTE it. Do not slurp it, suck it down or feel guilty about it. (yes I am speaking to myself as always)

Just eat, relax and enjoy.

Life is too short to be strict on your self but stay focused- this is not an excuse to binge (yes I am speaking to myself as always)

So PREPARE yourself and PLAN ahead… they say in every diet program:

A failure to plan is a plan to fail

let me know how it goes on Monday when you are ready for week 2 of our 30 day challenge to get healthy!!!

here are some fail safe exercises for you to keep your tummy taught while sipping your 4th glass of wine…..

Do each round 5 times!

1. Ball Roll outs…Get on the floor in a knee down position and place your elbows on the ball in front of you. Slowly with your back straight and core tucked in tight, roll the ball out then return it in for a count of 20.

2.  Jump squats!!

Start in a squat position- remember to keep your knees back behind your ankles. Lower all the way down then as you come up to upright position JUMP!!! Then go right back down into a squat. Repeat for 20.

3.  Walking lunges.

make sure to get your knee ALL THE WAY down to the floor while in lunge position and walk for 50 steps with a towel held over your head. (The towel is more challenging than holding weights if you are keeping your back straight and not leaning over- this keeps your core tight and position in alignment- try it!!)

4. Plank!!! Forward plank ,side plank and switch sides for 3 counts of 30 seconds  then REPEAT – without dropping to the floor!! Only this time make sure that while in plank form you are on your TOES (not your feet but actually up all the way on your tippy toes. Keep your core tight and butt down!!)

Enjoy and keep writing in comments!!!

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