have you received your immunization lately?…..

I have been religiously following the most important issue in the news lately. No, not Newt’s alleged extra marital affairs publicized by his ex wife (although that certainly merits mention as it is EXTREMELY relevant to the presidential campaign -after all which politician HASN’T had a torrid affair of sorts? Isn’t that just a right of passage to enter the White House?)  but even more pressing –

Demi Moore’s BREAK DOWN!!!!…

This urgent announcement trumps Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’ Taylor’s ex – hub / wife beating / suicide scandal and even makes Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage seem unimaginative and dull…after all – Demi suffers from what seems to be an EPIDEMIC in Hollywood…


This new pandemic that seems to only afflict Actors and Rock Stars is surely due for Government funding? Why hasn’t Michelle Obama been advocating research for this very serious disease???? I’m sure if Nancy Reagan weren’t retired at age 90 (and most likely living in my neighborhood – I could have sworn I saw her in Publix last week – but then again all old people look alike) she would be ALL OVER this horrific contagion! (…the Movie is out now so I risked dropping a big vocabulary word that I knew you would get).

So what makes famous people so specifically susceptible to this horrific fate of catching this new illness????

Let’s investigate….

Here are the symptoms:

  1. Exposure to fame , attention from fans and fortune that just leaves them wiped out from feigning fake smiles all the time (EXHAUSTING!!)
  2. A lifestyle of riches and excessiveness and just colossal amounts of SWAG and shopping (EXHAUSTING!!)
  3. Overindulgence in partying, a plethora of narcissism and self absorbed behavior (EXHAUSTING!!)

So, fear not folks- although we do not have a  CURE quite yet we DO have preventative measures we can exercise!!!

Simply Stay away from anyone exhibiting any of these recognizable symptoms and you will not need to worry about catching this horrible affliction!!!!

This includes anyone in your own neighborhood that displays any of the above 3 actions and characteristics!!

I just hope it’s not contagious. Please demonstrate caution and wipe your hands with purel if you’ve been exposed to this extreme egotism.

Now for some HEALTHY tips to start week 2 of our 30 day challenge to get healthy and fit!!!!!!…..

Have we discussed cauliflower recently??…. I know most of my loyal readers are thinking right now- oh my god- seriously Jordana- cauliflower again????????

Truth be told I haven’t had it months and i made it last night and yum- sooo darn good

heres how it goes:

  1. broil/bake/melt/nuke frozen cauliflower – (doesn’t matter what method- however you prefer to prepare it so its super mushy )
  2. once its tender enough to blend with a hand blender (or just a fork) mush it up with tons of butter spray and some spices to taste

thats it! tastes like mashed potatoes and is a great filler with dinner- just keep the windows open at bedtime- trust me.

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