Survival by way of leg lifts!……

I live in a land of miniature dinosaurs.

Only here they are referred to as Geckos.

When I first moved to Florida someone told me to NEVER kill the geckos! They eat insects and if  I see one in my home – despite the urge to smash it with my 6 inch heel-I should instead just let it be…it will find its own way out and most likely kill a few bugs on its way.

Now coming from new York City where you need to beware of rabid rats in the subway and cockroaches in your neighbors apartments (dare not mine – never in 18 years did I have even ONE roach- they simply had no interest in rummaging  through my Virgonian anal clean freak fetish of discarding garbage inside neatly sealed ziplocs), so needless to say I was hardly unnerved when i encountered a gecko home invader the first time.

Until now.

A gecko has been trapped in between the screen door of my bedroom patio for 6 weeks now and what amazes me is that it has managed to survive all this time on nothing but air tight plastic hurricane sealant.

Initially I was fascinated by its continuous pursuit of a way out, then after several weeks of wondering what it ate to continue living and even more of an enigma- how did it get in there in the first place??? … I became engrossed by it’s will to SURVIVE.

I know you are most likely wondering why I don’t just open the damn door and let the little guy free?….Well, I too thought of that very brilliant and creative solution and despite the fact that I am now on week 2 of my 30 day challenge to get fit -even my Hulk like biceps and Herculian strength could not pry open the sealed doors. The were simply stuck.

So,  after my initial fascination faded of watching the poor reptile scramble up and down the screen, I decided to just let the damn thing die.

But here’s the thing……… didn’t!!


What a phenomenal concept.

I am amazed at the lengths a living creature will go to in order to survive.

Humans demonstrate these lengths all the time. Just the other day I could not put on a pair of my skinny jeans…they were just so damn tight – so I took a scissors and cut the waist just enough to muster the strength to wrangle the damn denims up over my thighs.

Now that’s survival.

But seriously, the concept of survival truly does astonish me.  The extent to which someone or something will go – to just HANG IN there!

Now thats commitment to life! That overwhelming sense of power one gets to just LIVE – it truly inspires me when I think of my typical mundane activities of daily life.

How can I take that strong desire to EXIST and transform my DAY into something WORTH FIGHTING to live for????

Lesson learned….

Force yourself to think about what would happen if you had just one day left to live? I know sounds uncomfortable and even a little creepy- but I assure you- if you think about life like it’s your last day- your will to survive will kick in and you never know – you may just have a better time doing your mundane activities of daily life!!

Now, for some mundane exercises!!!……

Have we discussed the benefits of leg lifts in the super market yet??? My all time favorite personal idiosyncrasy is my inability to sit still or stand in line.

When I am confronted with a situation that forces me to do either- I always end up doing simple leg lifts.

Here’s how it works:

While standing behind someone in line- say Costco or Publix, lean slightly on your grocery cart for support or just place one hand (I am so seasoned at this that i don’t even bother holding on anymore- even more  challenging to your core!)

Hold your belly tight and back straight and -ensuring no one is behind you (you do not want to kick anyone – I made this novice mistake years ago and its not fun confronting the woman behind you with a the new shiner she just received with your footprint)

slowly kick your leg back 15 times. Then kick it out to the side. Switch legs and repeat the sequence.

The line typically moves before you can finish both legs so continue this effort throughout your errands and before you know it you will scoff at how easy it is the next time you are in Barre class!!!

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