Eureka! A moment of clarity! Oh forget it…


Every now and then I get the spontaneous urge to go to the beach to clear my head. Typically it’s on the way back from running a nearby errand- and it’s never more than 15 – 20 minutes duration.

I have a routine: I park, (I sneak into the fancy beach club to pee which is annoying because then i have to pretend I’m looking at a menu when the maitre de greets me ), I walk on the sand (carefully avoiding the beached jellyfish), I observe the waves (and hope to see shark fins), I think and clear my mind (although that part usually takes longer than 15 minutes), and  I write best selling novels in my head.

Then I return home and forget everything.

What good is a revelation if you don’t do anything with it?

It’s great to be inspired but WHAT you DO with that INSPIRATION is what actually MATTERS.

Do you ever get those Eureka! moments – those few seconds of perfect clarity when you just see things accurately for what they are?

This happens to me almost daily. Usually while I’m in line at Publix (doing my leg lifts!) and without pen and paper handy i often neglect to write the idea or thought down.

Or if i forget what I was thinking I often remember it only at the most obscure time of day- like while I am at the fancy beach club  peeing.

I knew a guy years ago that would carry a small notebook with him everywhere he went. This made dating very difficult because when he would whip the notebook out at the restaurant table just as entrees were being served, it would creep the girl out – worried that he was writing about her. So the ONE girl that found this peculiar idiosyncratic behavior endearing was the girl he would later marry.

The point being folks- we are all capable of inspiration and innovation. It is up to you to decide what you can do with it.

Are you merely a DREAMER or are you also a DOER?

The next time you feel the creative juices flowing or are confronted with a stimulus that makes you think outside the proverbial box, take that impulse to be PRODUCTIVE !!

In other words- be constructive with your thoughts, your ENERGY and your time!

So my own lesson here is next time I leave the house- make sure to grab a pen!!!

Now for a quick PRODUCTIVE element to add to the middle of our second week of our 30 days to better health challenge !!!….

BREAKFAST!! THE most important meal of the day! Are you sick of egg white omelets and oatmeal pancakes (for me the answer is hell no! I am eating them right now!) but for others- well, here are a few more options:

Natural peanut butter!! My all time favorite FLAW is peanut butter- I simply can not bring it into the house or i will surely eat the entire jar in one sitting. BUT I was reminded just how delicious it is and nutritious while dining with a friend the other day and handed it in a portion controlled small bowl.

I love to smear it on apples- (or celery in the afternoon with some raisins!)

its also great on toasted whole wheat pita for a quick easy grab breakfast-

Peanut butter (natural only not skippy) has the perfect amount of fat and protein to tide you over until mid morning.
I love to blend it into a smoothie with ice, greek yogurt, cinnamon, berries and a smudge of almond milk to make it creamy.

Next on the morning roster is Fiber One cereal with 1% whipped cottage cheese- add a little cinnamon to taste and  a spoonful of peanut butter -whala! another perfect breakfast!

Todays easy to follow exercises:

20 push ups. On your knees make sure to bring your chest all the way down to the  floor – lead with your chest not your head!

20 medicine ball side twists (works your abs) standing . make sure the ball is close to your hips and elbows are bent

15 biceps curls standing on bosu so core is tight – go all way down and up with the curl keep shoulders down and challenge yourself with heavy weights

30 kettle swings

Jump rope 200 times

Repeat this circuit 5 times

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One thought on “Eureka! A moment of clarity! Oh forget it…

  1. On my way to the gym now with my exercise recipe. Thank you this is exactly what i need. Would be better if you were with me !!!

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