Cookie Monster made me do it….

My girls love clothing. What girl doesn’t?

Only they have a mother that HATES to shop. (I remind my husband daily that he should kiss the ground I walk on for this blessing he was given).

I am a creature of habit. I eat the same foods everyday, go to bed the same time at night, wake up same time each morning, BLOG about the SAME things -(she says with tongue in cheek!), watch the same TV shows and I can easily wear the same clothes (as long as they are clean!) everyday.

I don’t ever get bored of my ROUTINE and I think variety is overrated –  unless it’s in the bedroom.

Don’t get me wrong- if someone wanted to shop FOR me I will gladly give them my credit card and a big thank you kiss on the cheek -each side- but I truly loathe the ACT of going into a department store and browsing. I ABHOR saleswomen in particular because they see me as the sucker that I am and like sharks coming in for the kill circle around me until I impulsively buy everything just to get the hell out of there and be done with the annoyance of trying on. Torture!

This feeling does not apply to the following stores:

1. Target- I can spend hours in the cosmetic aisles browsing for lipgloss and end up purchasing the same color each time (Majito Mauve!).  I have 11 in my car and about double that in my bag. For years and years  I worked in NYC and while others would go out for a cigarette break , once in a while I would sneak across to Rite Aid and buy a lip gloss- an immediate RUSH!

2. HomeGoods– I can spend days perusing the bathroom aisle in search of the perfect scented air fresheners – (Vanilla and Cinnamon Spice!)

I have friends who shop for “FUN” (huh????) and make it a daily habit and they all roll their eyes at me – in a loving way of course- when i walk away mid sentence from their discussion of which store is having a 40 % off sale. I truly don’t care.

Don’t misunderstand- I LOVE to dress up – I apply a full Tammy Faye Baker eyelid by 6:01 AM every morning and if i could, I would walk around in 6 inch heels to swim practice and soccer games (but alas, after 12 minutes i typically manage to trip and hurt myself so i keep the heels on my closet shelf (keeps them looking new!) and settle for my flip flops.

So when my girls complained to me yesterday in the car on the way home from school that they need new school sweatshirts I had to groan.

I had JUST purchased several new “winter” items (here that means a zippy) and i didn’t understand how they could outgrow them already?

They went on to complain that each one needed a new sweatshirt because – the older ones sweatshirt was too small and the younger ones was too big….

until about 11 seconds later when  they both registered what had happened – ah such child prodigies- (for those of you who are not really paying attention here -I know most of you don’t- they obviously switched sweatshirts that day) – so we all started giggling at the mixup.

It brought to mind a story that a friend once told me about his sisters wedding day. He and his father had been measured for tuxedos and the morning of the wedding they each tried on their pants and one’s was too short the other’s was too long. They then proceeded to go crazy at this terrible mishap- yelling, screaming, calling and cursing out the tailor and the cleaners and whomever else they could possibly fault for this terrible incident on such an important day!

…Until about 11 seconds later when they both registered what had happened…..and immediately they felt like the true fools that they were.

In other words – the first instinct us humans have is to BLAME the OTHER guy. There is always SOMEONE ELSE to hold ACCOUNTABLE.

But it IS always EASIER to blame the other guy for our own imperfections. That’s why we all do it.

I personally blame my husband for every cookie I eat. It is always his FAULT. Yes, he put the gun to my head, twisted my arm and made me eat them. After all, it couldn’t possibly be MY fault now could it?

So let’s be accountable to ourselves- at least the next 2 1/2 weeks of our health challenge – and if we don’t find the results we are looking for- well, we’ll just blame the other guy!

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