It is SO nice to meet you! Now shut up!…..

I have been told many times that I have a habit of hanging up on people too soon while speaking on the phone. Apparently I cut them off while they are still speaking or I don’t give them sufficient time to say their adieu’s.

I simply don’t understand why people have this need to say”goodbye” when they are finished speaking on the phone. If you are done with what you are saying why not just hang up? Why bother with “talk to you later” – isn’t it obvious that you will talk later- or you won’t- maybe we should be more clear and say something like:

“I am done talking. I will hang up now.” Will that make you more comfortable when i cut you off mid-sentence?

Whats ironic about this habit is that i tend to go on and on and on in a conversation and take eons just to make my point. You see, I speak TOO much. But when I’m done with what  I  have to say- i am done. Dial tone done.

Hanging up is more than sufficient for me to make the point that I’m done talking. I am not trying to be rude – only time efficient.

“Time is money” is my favorite motto! Not that hanging up makes me money but it certainly doesn’t help if I’m still on the phone doesn’t it?

It’s wasteful time -like those coworkers that always wait around at the water cooler anticipating that someone will come up to talk about the episode of Modern Family the night before. They are what I refer to as “Lingerers” and in my opinion, are procrastinating from working.  I think small talk definitely has its purpose -especially in dating- but when the relationship surpasses the hand holding stage it’s more than O.K. to hang up abruptly.

I knew a British guy years ago who did not understand the American way- the niceties so to speak- when first meeting someone. After I would introduce someone to him he would walk away asking me why Americans always say “nice meeting you” when they don’t have the full ability to determine yet if it really WAS nice meeting them- he would go on and on to explain that it is impossible to know so soon in the acquaintanceship if in fact it was nice to meet them. Maybe it isn’t going to be nice meeting them after all? He may have been rude but he had a good point.

Think about what you say to people. Execution, Tone, Mannerisms are all part of the equation. Sometimes it’s easy to misinterpret another- so to avoid that scenario it is always a safe bet to just speak the truth. Be clear and concise with your message and deliver it promptly and be DONE.

I often talk in circles and go on and on and get myself in trouble with my words-(as YOU ALL KNOW) –  I write that way too. Perhaps it’s because when I DO speak I find that I’m just so excited to have someone who is actually paying attention that i try to get in as much as  I can before they lose interest!

Writing is easier because you can always skim the words and just click “Like” on the FB link if you don’t really want to read it all.

But the point of this post -FINALLY- is that words are POWERFUL. They can make points CLEARLY or can be very MISLEADING.

I will always remember my first job out of college when my new manager said to me while training me for my sales pitch: “Ask for the sale then SHUT UP!”
So, lesson learned:

Use your words wisely, choose them carefully, make your point succinct, then SHUT UP!!! You can hang up now.

Ok…..our weekend plans are to PLAN!!!! Remember we are only in week 2 of our 30 day challenge to get healthy so let’s not get arrogant and blow the progress we’ve made!

As you know I love to indulge on the weekends so PLAN for your extra wine glass (OK, bottle) and allow yourself that delicious challah bread but don’t overdo too much of the refined sugar!! ONE extra piece here and there won’t kill you and may in fact help you get through the weekend relaxation so ENJOY!

See you Monday for the commencement of week 3- already???? WOW we are superstars!!!

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