She still got it…..

I was sitting at the beach with my husband yesterday reflecting on the waves and chilling out, when the most wonderful chance encounter took place.

A man walking by stopped in front of us and asked my husband if he spoke English (my husband is blonde and light skin- he definitely does not look like a foreigner ) so that should have been the first clue that maybe this guy doesn’t have clear vision because of cataracts but I chose to ignore that hint because when my husband responded yes, he did speak English, – the man challenged him to a fist fight for his “girlfriend” (that’d be me) 🙂 Girlfriend no less! I felt like I was 39 again!

Thrilled like a school girl i laughed aloud in glee as my husband responded with:

“no need to fight you can have her”.

But alas, the man had already walked away and even if he didn’t he probably wouldn’t have heard because even though I took this opportunity to gloat and declared:

“I still got it”.

my husband -without missing a beat-  replied: “By the man who looked like he had 17 strokes”

True, the guy was possibly 84 but who cared?, he still wanted to fight for ME! … I’ll take it!

At what point do we stop caring what others think of us in a flirtatious manner?

In my opinion, NEVER!

Why do you think the Century Village Bulletin boards are covered in STD pamphlets and Safe Sex literature? These old people know how to get it on! (Not kidding. Wish i were.)

The take away is to appreciate yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW.

See yourself as the beautiful person you are at the MOMENT – not WHEN you lose 10 pounds or WHEN you become more muscular or WHEN you ….fill in blanks.

Don’t wait for the WHEN . Do it NOW. Love it NOW.

I am always saying i will treat myself to ____xyz item ____ once I lose weight or WHEN i reach my fitness goals.

But after yesterdays chance encounter i decided that TODAY I will appreciate what i look like and who i am. Not WHEN I reach my plans to change it.

Yes it’s important to set goals and continue the journey to accomplish them, but it’s JUST AS IMPORTANT to appreciate your success and accomplishments NOW to push you further along on that journey of improvement.

So, week 3 commences!!!…..I won’t go into details but I allowed myself to have a major food setback this weekend that threw me for a real loop and could have sabotaged my 2 weeks of progress. But i decided not to allow it to – so i accept it as what it is- in the past- and today I am RIGHT BACK on track!!

Excited to start week 3 of get healthy kick start and to continue to do the best I can!

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