I’ll take the next train thank you ….

Yesterday, while driving home with the kids, another car came within split seconds of crashing head on into mine. The sky was overcast and it was pouring rain and the driver of the other vehicle was speeding while texting. (Cell phone usage while driving is LEGAL here – in a state with drivers who can’t see over the steering wheel – I will never understand that one and often flip out with hand gestures when i see a mother driving with 4 kids in the car and texting- she probably just thinks I am insane or just a really bad mime – so my gesticulations are not quite as effective as I would like them to be. But come on lady!- is it THAT urgent to take yoru eyes and hands off the road while your kids are in the backseat just so you can send a smiley face and LOL to your friend????)

After shaking off the chills that covered my body from head to toe and thanking Gd a gazillion jillion and one times that I managed to swerve out of his way, I  thought of how close things really came to changing my entire life.

I felt like the main character in the 1998 movie “Sliding Doors” starring Gwyneth Paltrow where she suddenly sees her life split into two different versions – one where she misses the train – the other where she makes it. The entire film is based on what would have happened in each scenario and how her whole life changes in that split second.

I really can’t stop thinking about how close we came to having a terrible tragedy and yet I am here able to write about it without a scratch. Someone was looking out for me – that’s for sure. I am still shaking, I did not sleep for a minute, and i am thinking about what others must go through who weren’t as lucky.

I don’t need to remind anyone about how to be grateful for your blessings and to appreciate each day as if it were your last…. Hallmark and bumper sticker manufacturers pretty much have that covered.

I am not a big fan of fortune tellers and I avoid circuses like the plague that they breed (seriously folks- don’t the clowns scare you at all???)- I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts although i do believe there are spirits that walk this Earth – just ask Tom Cruise and all the Scientologists – oh wait- maybe that’s aliens? I can’t keep up-  but one thing I learned from all my episodes of Ghost Whisperer is that anything is possible when it comes to the spirit world and although I’m not one to hold a seance (with my luck  it would go horribly wrong and bring back dead relatives that i never wrote thank you notes to while the were alive-) I do think that it’s possible that each of us has some sort of guide – either a deceased loved one or just a matter of karmic luck and a fortunate alignment of the stars- that watch over us in some capacity.

So as a grand gesture to whomever or whatever that got me through that moment yesterday I am writing a very CLEAR thank you note right now (so there will be no need to visit me in my dreams with a long black cape and white mask thank you very much) and if  i can even make one person think twice before they text while driving – well, then mission accomplished.

Now, onto more PRODUCTIVE things that we actually CAN control……


heres some oldie but goodies that really work- YES i KNOW they are repetative but don;t you get it yet??? Repetition and practice make change and perfection!!!

see if you  can challenge yourself with higher weight or faster time. Yes they are the SAME moves but that’s the point- to improve ourselves and the better we get at them the heavier weight we can challenge ourselves with:

  1. medicine ball push ups- on a med ball (either on your knees or feet if you have perfect form) drop all the way to floor for 15. Either one handed and roll to other side or both hands on the ball
  2. Kettlebell for 20make sure to thrust from hips and keep back straight and chest lifted
  3. jump squats! 15js.jpgmake sure to land softly and go all the way down into a full squat
  4. 4. reverse dumbell lunge. this time move your leg back not forward.

    5. skaters! just like you are on ice only try it on stable ground!

    rinse. repeat. 4 times

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