I challenge you to smile today….

When someone first hears that I write a blog the first question they ask me is “What do you write about?”

In true Larry David form, I always shrug and answer: “Nothing”.

Once I realize they are actually paying  attention and not simply being polite, I go on to describe how I  write about nothing in particular but tend to include anything and everything that is on my mind in no particular order or direction, it often leads to a conversation about more nothingness and a few yada yada yada’s…but always ends with a more defined definition:

I write with the intention to make people smile.

Pretty simple.

I am in the business of making people happy.

No, I am not a “Happiness Consultant “ like the popular HBO show “Hung”, even though I often think I would make a lot more money doing that….but I am always out to challenge the frowner and get her/him to release the anger and allow the happiness to set in. Not because I care if they are happy or not. I truly don’t. But rather, because I find the challenge to be a thrill.

You see, I am an eternal optimist…only with a major twist….I am also the most judgmental person I know.

I hate everyone and everything. I am an equal opportunity hater – I hate ALL ages, races and religions including my own, but I hate with a smile and a laugh in my heart.

I take life very seriously, not people….them I laugh at.

I have this ability because I can laugh at myself. 

So when I see someone with a mug on their face , I immediately take them on as my little project….goal being to make them smile- if even for a moment.

Back in my Internet Advertising and Technology Sales days when I was on the frontier of internet marketing and large companies were still conservative about spending money on “digital media” or as they referred to as “non traditional” advertising, it was my job to convince them that their Fortune 500 Bazillion dollar company – that was doing just fine without it- NEEDED an online presence. This was back in 1997, way before every grandma had email, prior to cell phones (I had to lug a 14 pound phone that was the size of my forearm around to make cellular calls at the rate of $1.99 a second).

I would enter the prospect’s large boardroom with the intimidating large leather chairs and mahogany conference room table  that was so shiny I could see the lipstick stuck on my teeth and sit directly across from the stiff lipped smug suits. They always came in with a scowl on their face and acted as though they were doing ME a favor to allow me to offer  them something that they did not yet know they needed.

But without fail, by the end of the meeting I always had them shifting from crossed arms blocking the front of their chest to huge smiles and embraces – SOLD! (yup, I’m that good.)

It was the CHALLENGE of the turn around that got my juices flowing, not necessarily the close.  ( OK the money certainly made me smile).

I just LOVED to have that CONTROL over someone else’s emotions and responses.

We ALL have that power in us…the power to control what others reactions are to us. We can either walk into a room with a smile on our face and light it up instantly or enter with a scowl which kills the world.

It all depends on the results you are looking to accomplish.

Think about this today when you go to pick up your kids, walk into your meeting, attend your barre class, meet with a client, or whatever else you choose to do today…..HOW are you going to CONTROL the reaction of those around you??


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