Oh baby! Where did the time go?….

There comes a time in every parents life when they must endure the inevitable………their child’s school play.

Typically, it involves hours of memorizing and rehearsing lines, making costumes and of course the anxiety and sleepless night in the anticipation of THE BIG DAY leading up to the big momentous event in their youngsters’ young life.

It also means missing the early morning work meeting or your favorite gym class, duking out the other parents for a good seat so that every iphone in the house can capture (or cut off parts of ) the top of the tiny heads on stage  – and most often than not, it just throws your day’s regimen off kilter.

But in the end, everyone’s smiling (mostly because its over and we can move on with our week until  the next child’s show) and all is worthwhile.

Yesterday, while sitting through my own child’s production, I glanced over at my friend holding her baby. (Shameless shout out to Dana – you’re looking healthy and beautiful!!)

At first it made me think about my 8 year old on stage and my, how fast she’s grown….wasn’t she JUST a baby a minute ago???? Then without thinking, instinctively, I cradled my 6 year old who was sitting on my lap as if SHE were an INFANT.

I find myself doing that from time to time….treating my “baby” as though she IS STILL a baby.

I always say that one day when my kids are grown and out of the house- I will inevitably be that grandma pushing a stroller with the tiny yippity dog that looks like a fat rat wearing bows in its hair and we will have matching sweaters and I will carry it everywhere I go like an accessory and talk to it as though it’s my child. People will of course (as they do now) know me as “the crazy lady” in the park and avoid eye contact with me and that will just make me happy that i don’t have to do the stop and chat.

The point being, i realize already that my kids are growing so fast and that life is passing by at the speed of light and all I can do to maintain some CONTROL is to baby them as long as  I can get away with it.

I spent the entire day thinking about my own mortality and how fast life flies by us.

I also thought about those loved ones who were missing out on this watershed event and how much I miss them.

When a person close to you passes away, it doesn’t matter if it was sudden or long and drawn out, it still hits you like a sucker punch to the chest.

DEATH literally takes your breath away.

I have always been a religious person. Not orthodox, but religious minded. Meaning, I believe in the after life and i was raised to understand that this world is supposed to provide us with the TOOLS to get us to the next world which is an entirely different PLANE and realm of understanding and peacefulness. Whether it’s true or not, no one here can attest to, but it certainly makes the passing of a loved one seem less painful.

I truly believe that each and every one of us is created with the ability to achieve greatness on this planet and HOW we choose to use the LIFE, MIND and BODY we are provided is entirely UP TO US.

Positive thinking is simply NOT ENOUGH. We need to take ACTION and put those TOOLS to use to make an impact.

The way we do ANYTHING in this lifetime is the way we do EVERYTHING. 

But the redeeming part about experiencing a loss is the ability to dig deeper within yourself. It reminds you of your own mortality and the gift we are given each day to have the ability to just wake up.

Since my father passed away 5 months ago, my emotions are still raw and unsorted.  I have to confess though, I do not cry for him. However, at least once a day,  I think about him and a memory of my CHILDHOOD pops in my head. It ‘s interesting how my CHILDHOOD is what is prominent now that I am an adult and it makes my own feeling on mortality THAT MUCH MORE ROBUST.

My sister in law, who is my age and also a close friend, turned 40 this week. While everyone else called to wish her a happy birthday, I called to say “congratulations- you made it this far!”

Birthdays are a GIFT not a GIVEN.

Let’s all take this weekend to reflect on our own LIFE and day to day blessings of MUNDANE Routines. (You all know by now that Routine is my all time favorite concept as it REMINDS me on a daily basis that I am still alive and breathing!) and just appreciate the simple things we do…like attending your child’s school play even if breaks your daily routine.

Now for some things we can control about our own mortality…our mind and body!!!….

Take this weekend to REASSESS your goals for a FIT way of life….ask your self : what do you WANT to accomplish from this 30 day challenge to get HEALTHY???

Then WRITE down all the methods you plan to use to ACCOMPLISH these goals!!

Re-read this all weekend long! Trust me, it helps when we have written reminders of WHO and WHAT we want to BE !!!!

Keep sending in your comments and requests for workouts and food ideas! I love the feedback!


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