Remember me? We met a minute ago…..

I am not going to bore you with the details regarding just HOW MUCH of a hypocrite I am regarding my preaching to PLAN ahead for weekend etc.

By now you are way too familiar with just HOW MUCH I throw the rules out the window commencing Friday night through Monday morning and I -let’s just say: ignore my own preaching .

It is the final week of our 30 day challenge to get healthy and so far I feel good. I have “cheated” each of the past 3 weekends and continued back on plan Mondays and you know something? I am really happy with that plan- you see- its a way of life. Cheat days are named that for a reason.

This get fit and healthy challenge is not meant to be a quick fix- but rather, it’s a segue into a healthy lifestyle. Life should incorporate cheat days – its all part of living.

But today I am going to try something slightly different.

For the next few days ( I am still unsure if  want to dedicate an entire week to this….) I will be chemical free. This means I will put away my tasty seltzers (the flavored carbonated beverages that are loaded with delicious flavor and claim to have no calories-basically clear soda) and even hide my butter spray – replacing it will pure olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I am stashing the splenda and opting for the stevia.

After all, it’s JUST a few days (she tells herself to prevent the tears from streaming down her face).

I want to see IF this chemical free way of life is all it’s cracked up to be.

I also believe that chemicals are tough on the brain cells- which leads me to my NEXT very important topic of the day:

I just switched to semi dry red wine! For all my wine drinkers out there, you will most likely want to know why, considering I have  ALWAYS been a racist wine drinker and a very vocal white (wine) supremacist.  I have to admit, I am truly surprised to say that I REALLY enjoy the difference. Why in such late stage of life do I dare delve to the dark side?…..Let me explain.

I live in a land of reminders.

On a daily basis I am reminded that a car is a weapon and OH SO MANY people here will use it against you in your daily commute so now I switched from JUST driving defensively, to simulating the Indy 500, sans the decals on my car. (Although I am open to sponsors so if you want to pay me to plaster your business on my vehicle by all means send them my way .)

I am also reminded that AGE is a gift and OH SO MANY people here have been bestowed such a present. Only OH SO MANY of them can’t remember they are IN the PRESENT.

Which REMINDS me that, Alzheimer’s, one of the worst diseases in life, can strike anyone.

For me, the woman who forgets your name the minute after you tell it to me, the thought of losing any MORE of my memory is completely terrifying.

So, the more research I have done on how to combat such a misfortune and what preventative measures have proven to fight dementia….lo and behold- study after study has indicated the most natural preventative measure yet:


WAH???? I know! Shocking! (not really -I blog about this all the time to justify my drinking probl- i mean – habit).

Let me explain further…..the naturally occurring compounds in red wine called polyphenols block the formation of proteins that build the toxic plaques that  destroy brain cells. The polyphenols also reduce the toxicity of existing plaques, hence, reducing cognitive deterioration.

Granted, tea, nuts, berries and greens also contain these same fighting polyphenols- but red wine is so much more of an effective relaxation tool for the busy working mama like myself.

All I have to say is if any scientist is in need of a clinical trial candidate- sign me up! (as long as I don’t get the placebo.)

OK- let’s get a move on! Literally!

Go do some jumping jacks or take a sprint around the block!skip rope, hop on your bike- Whatever it is- move!!

Report in if you care to try this chemical free experiment with me! Just remember – red wine is chemical free!!

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