Valentine’s Shmalentine’s…’s all about the Connection

Whenever I run out of ideas to write about, I often go for a leisurely 15 minute bike ride to clear my head and gather my thoughts. When that doesn’t work, I have two choices as a last attempt for inspiration:

  1. The beach. For obvious reasons. Come on that was a no brainer. And finally,
  1. Walmart. A guaranteed location for workable material.

Yesterday I chose the latter as my inspiration for thought provoking stimulus. A Day before Valentines Day no less!….yup, a Perfect Storm.

As I pushed my cart perusing through the aisles, I couldn’t help noticing the various types of Valentines day shoppers.

You had the classic  first time boyfriend – bewildered and lost- a Romance virgin so to speak- who picked up every size chocolate heart and inspected it as though he were looking for some hint or clue as to which one would satisfy his new girlfriends need for affirmation that they were in fact a couple. Poor kid. He won’t win. She will never be satisfied.

You had the experienced, married guy who double parked in front with his blinkers on, ran in and gathered the very first bouquet of flowers closest to the store front window and rushed to the 10 items or less line with his $20 ready. His job was done! I wanted to run after him and shout: “You know those are carnations right?!! Carrie’s gonna be pissed.”

And my personal favorite, the OLD couple. Browsing the aisles together -unaware it was even Valentines day until the wife notices the chocolate hearts lined up in front of her favorite cereal aisle next to her brand of oatmeal. She nudges her husband and points to the display and he mentions that they probably should go out for dinner. She then balls him out for even suggesting such a ridiculous proposal – going even further to point out to her idiot husband – what a fool-  to make that rookie mistake of going out on the busiest  and most expensive night of the year!

Alas, true love.

But what never ceases to amaze me is all the marketing that goes into this “holiday” to push people to purchase items that “prove” their affection for one another.

What appeals to people is not the actual idea of celebrating with a loved one…..but the desire to connect to someone.

People have an intrinsic need to CONNECT.

I see it all the time in day to day banter….when I’m speaking to someone about something random, the reply is often “me too!” and “so do I”. They want to make that connection.

When you think about it -everyone wants to feel loved on some level- even if it’s just an affirmation that they are HEARD. That they EXIST for a REASON. The more one connects to another the more MEANING they have in their life.

The planet is filled with so many people and so many times we get caught up in our own lives. So many people are focused on their own careers and advancement…..A connection is what makes people feel a part of something BIGGER.

Sometimes, when we are caught up in our selves and our own issues, we forget the importance of connection.

So even if , like myself, you roll your eyes at a the idea of being someones valentine….maybe its not such a bad idea to take this day to call an old friend or reach out to the one you love and haven’t had time for. I know- I know- I sound ridiculously corny- and i know by now you are wondering if this post is a practical pre April Fools joke – what the hell happened to me- I am the antithesis of sappy.

Not to worry people! Believe me- I am still the most cynical and unsentimental person you can encounter- and I assure you- I will NOT be running out this weekend to go see “The Vow”- not enough wine in the universe to endure that – I’m simply reminding (myself) that every once in a while it’s O.K. to reach out to someone in need of a connection.

Now, don’t go eating too much of that chocolate heart! We are head strong in our challenge to get healthy! OK,OK, enjoy it TODAY then move on!

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