We all know she sold her soul to the devil……

There is nothing more sexy to me than a strong woman.

Both strong minded as well as physical built.

Madonna, wether she REALLY is her age or simply sold her soul to the devil many years ago, well….. she still can kick MY ass when it comes to her CORPOREAL STRENGTH.

I am surrounded by strong women at the new fitness facility I recently joined. These woman do several FULL military push ups, pull ups, chin ups- with no assistance and they do so with ease.

I often find myself staring at their beautiful muscles as the sweat runs down my face.

No, I am not trying to enter the writing world of romance novels – ( although Fabian would make for a good blog widget ) – I am simply making a point……


But watching these women work their tight tushies off every morning is not what motivates me to push myself harder…..but rather, it’s watching the overweight girl who shows up each and every day and pushes herself as hard as she can. She truly is inspiring- as she does not ever say: “I can’t do this”. She does not attempt to quit in the middle of an exercise rep. She is just as motivated to get the best workout she can in the short 30 minutes we are there.

I watch her and I suddenly I am pumped with energy and enthusiasm to push myself even harder.

Unlike the contestants on the “Biggest Loser”,  a show I used to watch religiously (stress the word “used” to)….this woman is not there for game play or to cry to the camera that she is an emotional eater (aren’t we all??)…..she gets down on her hands and feet like the rest of us (although I am still doing push ups on my knees thank you very much!) and works out with VIGOR!….Truly inspirational!

Then there’s the woman who from my last gym who was severely anorexic, complained that everything is too hard (of course it is dear, you have no fuel inside your body) and simply gives up in the midst of the round and towels off her very dry face. (She may be dead by now from kidney failure, I’m not sure). Now, on behalf of all the advice from all my male friends I have accumulated over the years- i need to just say this:

SKINNY ANOREXIC model types are NOT sexy people!!!!

Why am i making such a bold and frankly, unimaginative – even NEGATIVE statement?

I suppose I am spurred by the the press that Fashion Week in NYC has provided lately- each cover of the NY POST (Best paper in the world- covers all the important and essential news stories- such as but not limited to, where Bloomberg gets his ties, how many women Ashton has rebounded with, Alec Aaldwin’s AA  – no, not alcoholism- problems….the list goes on and on) but each cover lately displays the Sports Illustrated model who has fluctuated in weight over the year……as if she’s still not still hot as hell?

Models have always been cause for  debate at the message they send to young girls who are not a size 00 -back when I was younger, the average woman’s dress size was 12 and the super models who were considered “Skinny” were a full size “6” – and gorgeous! I used to take eyeliner and place a small dot above my lip on the right side to BE Cindy Crawford!!!

NOW, the “Annies” — anorexics as I refer to them- are plastered (and photoshopped) all over the glossy magazines that I too indulge myself in purchasing each week. But to me, these skinnie minnies are simply that -just skinnie minnies….the don’t exude strength and agility. They have no powers over anything other than food…..and yet they are what young America idolizes.

What ever happened to WONDER WOMAN??????? MY all time favorite show growing up and my absolute hero???? She must have been a full size 10 of all muscle and power!!! Let’s BRING super hero women BACKKKKKK as role models for our daughters!!

But alas, if we can’t convince Hollywood of that- at least WE should take it upon OURSELVES to SERVE  as a ROLE model  for health and fit really MEANS!!! Muscles, baby, muscles!!!
Teach YOUR OWN girls (and boys to appreciate them!) that THEY are gorgeous when they do push ups not when they skip lunch!!!!

………and yes,  I think those are REAL!!!!

2 thoughts on “We all know she sold her soul to the devil……

  1. Nice read. Though I suspect Madonna would prefer being admired based on her actual age, 53. 60 will arrive fast enough and there’s no woman in the universe that wants to be any older than absolutely necessary, regardless of how fit, strong, healthy and fabulous she looks and is. Trust me, I know. I’m hovering around 48 and nothing brings a smile to my sweaty self faster when the car horns toot my way as I cycle, hands free.

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