30 Days already???? Let’s do 30 more!…….

Calling all the 30 day to get fit and healthy challengers!……….We made it!

Results are in:

Pounds lost: 4

Body fat % lost: 3%

Inner strength and positive energy gained: 100%

If you were like me and in this to win the contest of commencing a LIFETIME of health and fitness- then applause applause! WE are the CHAMPIONS of healthy life!!!

Not so fast- don’t think this is over by any means- we are just beginning the challenge to CONTINUE living a healthy and fit MINDED way of life.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, this wasn’t meant to be a quick-lose-weight-fast agenda…..it was designed as a kick start to motivate us all to refresh our healthy habits and get us into a routine that we can STICK TO FOR LIFE!

So, whats the secret to success and to make this an ongoing process that we can actually adhere to FOREVER?????…….

Let’s recap and review the past month.

The ONE most important rule I need to stress is that I did not reduce calories by any means, if anything -I ate MORE- but opted for HEALTHY choices and high density calories (I will elaborate on diet later).

I did not pull any game play and cut out any food  group in order to win the contest… on the contrary- i was actually a self sabotager…. I cheated every weekend with immense amounts of cookies, chocolate and ice cream  BUT and I mean a bit of a big BUTT later- I went right back on track Monday morning!!!

So what worked FOR ME – was satisfying my sweet tooth on weekends by letting loose and enjoying the dessert and the decadence of junk (my favorite is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups ) but as soon as the work week came around – BOOM!- right back on track with a diet loaded with heart healthy calorie packed energy producing choices!

For me, gratifying my pizza cravings  on the weekends certainly made it even more manageable to get right back on course to enjoy nutrient rich food selections during the week- I did not feel restricted and I was – and still am- satiated and fulfilled!

What else worked for me? I hate to admit it to all those AA types out there- but WINE! I recently switched to RED but WHITE is my go to favorite- and it really relaxes me in the evenings which helps me control my emotional / boredom eating. Instead, I drink wine (2 glasses) and relax in bed with my favorite shows or a great book. I know I sound like an old lady- but you all know that is truly what i am.

What else???…..Eat dinner EARLY!! Yes, the early bird special really works!!!!

And last but certainly not least: SMILE!!!!!! Happiness and positive energy is not enough to produce results but they absolutely help propel you while utilizing the other tools and resources that we have available!!!

Next: Eat a HUGE breakfast LOADED with complex carbohydrates!!! You all know my big oatmeal pancake recipe by now – I have to say i look forward to that each and every morning! But seriously- EAT CARBS! They produce the energy you need to keep you fueled throughout the day!

So, where do we go from here?….That’s easy!!!!

WE CONTINUE our journey together to stay FIT and HEALTHY!!

Keep commenting- I really enjoy your feedback, recipes, comments and just know that you are also looking for a long term healthy was of life!

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