LET LIFE get in the WAY!!!!……..

My 70 year old neighbor seems to love two things in life:

  1. His golden doodle, who sniffs me out the minute I walk out my door and jumps straight into my crotch each and every time he sees me (but my kids adore him so I can’t exactly call the Animal Control Sex offenders Hotline) and
  2. His black convertible Camaro.

It makes me smile each time I see him cruising through the neighborhood with the top down as if he were “The Fonz”….yeah- this guy knows how to LIVE it up!

Then theres the 36 year old neighbor who complains about everything. She is a stay at home mom who can’t seem to control the children under foot and has a difficult time juggling carpool, homework and extra curricular activities.

Having never been a stay at home mom – I truly can’t relate but I just smile when she complains to me that she is too busy to enjoy anything for herself because, as she says: “ Life gets in the way”…….



Have you ever stopped and considered what that means to you? …..What is your definition of “LIFE” that always seems to get in the way?

For myself, and probably for most people, I spent many years interpreting “life” as “work”.

For the most part of 20 years I have had to be in the office by 7:00 am in pant suits and heels and now that I am working from home – at least temporarily- and more hands on with the kids – I truly feel that  I’ve EARNED THE LUXURY of walking around in shorts, t shirt and flip flops. (Don’t get me wrong, I still wear full eye makeup religiously ) but have stored my financial services dress code wardrobe in the back of my closet along with my winter boots that no matter what the season I will never don again- even if it is 40 degrees on some days. (OK, I admit, I do put them on while wearing a bikini to dance around in front of the mirror- a woman just can’t get any more confident about herself while practicing her stripper moves in the privacy of her own bedroom 🙂 besides, it’s good exercise!…Try it – you may be aghast and placing your hand over your mouth right about now reading this but if you endeavor to try- you will know exactly  what I am talking about!!!…. )

I spent my first born’s first birthday presenting at a conference in Vegas. I tried to cover my tracks with a simulated birthday cake photo for the album but one day I ll explain that “work” – AKA – “Life” just got in the way.

My second child didn’t recognize me when she was only 4 months old after I returned from a week long business trip…..I had to hold her for a month straight just to regain a connection again: “Life” – AKA- “work” – got in the way.

So now  I am truly enjoying the LUXURY of carpooling said  children to after school tennis lessons and swim team for the sole reason :

I’ve paid my dues!!!!

Even though there is a second coming and I will inevitably return to the corporate world of buttoned down shirts and dry cleaning – I certainly don’t allow “life” to get in my way any longer.

Which brings to mind my neighbor friend who complains about her LIFE getting in the way……not all of us can enjoy our routines on a daily basis but every once in a while it’s important- no, ESSENTIAL – to take a look at what our stresses REALLY are- the day to day “LIFE “ that gets in  the way should be ENJOYED ….because soon enough our kids will be out of the house, or we will be at retirement age (for those of us in our 40’s- seems ridiculous to imagine that stage -but as we say- life happens fast!!)  and we will have the empty nest feeling that is inevitable .

In other words, we will be at that stage of life where a camaro and a golden doodle are the only things that bring us joy.

Lesson learned:

LIVE  your  LIFE  in the NOW!!! and ALLOW your LIFE TO GET IN THE WAY in a PRODUCTIVE manner!!!!…..

Now go do 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 jumping jacks, 20 squats…..5 TIMES!!!!


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