Vanity thy name is …..(you?)

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You’re so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you – Don’t you?- Don’t you?

Within 30 minutes of posting my blog yesterday morning I got a call from my friend asking if it were about her. She said that it was eerily similar to her life and she wondered if she were the inspiration to the content.

After assuring her that although she shares some of the same characteristics of the said content, alas no, I was referring to someone else.

The funny part about that was that she wasn’t the ONLY one who asked me if I was talking about them.

My first thought was – YAY!! At least 4 people are reading my blog! – My second thought was – wow- people are so NARCISSISTIC!! ….:)

But it did make me think about the fact that when you connect to someone or something and see a part of yourself in the content – maybe there IS some truth to the message???

Even if you were not the inspiration to my post- the very idea that you saw a part of yourself in it -and could relate to it on SOME LEVEL well….THAT in itself is meaningful!

If you think something is about you, even when it isn’t….. that is a GOOD THING! ….It means it AFFECTED you and triggered a thought process that made you look within yourself a little deeper…..Again, a GOOD THING!!!

If you stop and think about it for a minute- most things people say or do have consequences- they EFFECT!

Our actions and words are powerful tools that CAUSE an IMPACT!

Just saying that YOU are in control of HOW you influence those around you as well as YOURSELF.

Your actions and words CAN and often DO INSPIRE someone else – but be careful- this rule goes BOTH ways! You can choose to make a negative impression or a positive one….that is entirely up to you.

So go ahead- BE VAIN – Think this blog is about you- because if you DO, then it probably IS!

One thought on “Vanity thy name is …..(you?)

  1. But…Alas! It is about me…and as long as it is about me and my spirit, that means that I will have it in me, to inspire others because then it will be about them. And they will go fourth to inspire others.

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