There’s a method to my madness- Don’t mess it up!!…..

Isn’t it enough that I am a Virgo and therefore born with the NEED to worry and the ability to organize my mind in such a PRECISE way that if something is out of ORDER then all hell breaks loose???….

I find my constant drive for perfection to be a gift but in some cases this intense analytical side becomes a hinderance when it comes to balancing my day to day WORRIES and ANXIETIES.

You see, theres a ROUTINE to my worrying- it’s a system that I have developed over the years and it works for me.

For instance, When I am driving I worry that I will be in a collision with a texter so I preventatively roll down my window at every stop light and yell at all the cell phone users to put the damn phone down! This act of insanity brings me just enough comfort to get to my destination as it provides the illusion that i am in some sort of control even though I am well aware (my kids tell me) that I look like I am a demented homeless person and sound like Claire from Modern Family (love you, Claire).

I worry that I will finally be eaten by a shark as I have feared since the 70‘s when “JAWS” was THE blockbuster hit of the summer – so not only do I avoid placing anything past my BIG TOE  in the ocean when I am at the beach, but I take it a step further and avoid lakes that back up into my friends swimming pools. You never know if the shark will break through the 1250 feet of mud and walls separating them.

You see? it may be a crazy system but it’s MY system.

So when I hear about random acts of violence- like yesterday’s shooting in an OHIO High school – I just take a deep breath and accept yet ANOTHER ANXIETY to add to my list!! ….

What will become of this next generation??? Isn’t it enough that MY generation struggles with high gasoline prices, severe unemployment rates and a President that can not seem to rectify any of it???

NOW I need to WORRY that the next generation – my own children’s generation – aren’t even safe walking through the hallways of their school despite the security measures in place since Columbine ?

(I don’t know how these things STILL happen ?…there have been occasions where I have had to pee after dropping off my kids in school and could not get into the building without removing my shoes and a strip search and  yet GUNS still find a way into Hello Kitty backpacks????)

Isn’t it ENOUGH that we need to worry that our kids are not EATING properly or EXERCISING enough  and the OBESITY “epidemic” (I’ll say this time and time again, that word is so inappropriately used- it is not an epidemic if it’s self made)  that now we need to worry that our kids are not only killing themselves but each other too???

I say that we need to go BACK TO WORRYING about the basics like TRANS FAT and SUN exposure…’s just an easier way of life and something we actually CAN control!

Just Put the mayonnaise down and skip the fries for goodness sake!

Oh, and wear SPF 15 -anything higher is just marketing- although I like to tell myself I am taking extra preventative measures by donning SPF 8000

Now who is with me on our second 30 Day Challenge to get healthy and fit????……Yesterday- although you may not have known it-  we began another 30 days to keep us from falling out of line after the first 30 days of success! It’s just my way of saying I love you!

Remember, we are in this together to make our lives healthy!!!

So continue to EAT CLEAN , slather on sunscreen and include cheat days !!!!

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