What doesn’t KILL you makes you work harder!!!….

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ……

A few years ago, I worked out with a trainer (DEAREST Rob: I miss your extreme RAGE, your eloquent TYRANTS and profound SCREAMING!) who pushed me beyond my limits time and time again.

He would set me up on the treadmill STARTING at level 10.0 speed (a 6 minute mile) and if I GROANED even in the slightest way, he would simply INCREASE the speed to 10.5 (a 5.5 minute mile) and YELL directly into my ear like a drill sergeant :


…..and I COULD. and I COULD.

Flash forward to the present and I am now working out on my own but in a group setting. Each one of us competes with ourself for time, stamina and strength. Each one of us has to dig within OURSELVES to make the CHANGE happen.

Granted, it was a lot easier to push myself harder when I had someone yelling in my ear reminding me that I just had  NO ROOM to poop out, but now – even on my own- I realize the lessons I learned from Rob.

You see, he was a walking (or limping) miracle. At the age of 27 -his peak fitness level- he was walking across the street to the boxing gym and was struck by a drunk driver.

He was in a COMA for 11 days and took years to get the strength back to even walk let alone run again.


He never gave up on HIMSELF and took that second life that he was given- after he had faced DEATH – and decided to use it to push HIMSELF and others to their extreme- to achieve their best.

What doesn’t Kill you makes you stronger….

How we deal with tragedy is unique to us all.

One person may decide to just give up hope- and IGNORE the inner strength yelling in his own ear that he can do better.

Another, may decide to LISTEN to that inner strength in his own ear and push himself harder….BECAUSE HE CAN. Because he CAN.

I take that lesson a step further in my day to day life…..for instance, being a native Chicago gal, I never had access to the beach in the middle of winter. Now, I will spontaneously make a stop to the beach on the way home – if only for 8 minutes –  to touch the water (NEVER PAST the BIG TOE ) and take in the fresh ocean air ………


(I know, I know, …..my toes are ridiculously long and I have insanely big feet….but they CAN, they CAN run!)

Ask yourself what it is that you CAN do to IMPROVE your daily life. To make significant CHANGE.

To add POWER and RESILIENCE to your routine.

Sometimes it takes an INTENSE and life changing moment to make you STRONGER.

Make you work harder.

Make you EARN it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…..

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