Do you smell that?…..

About a week or so ago, as I was running a 300 meter loop  around the parking lot of the fitness place I recently joined on a trial basis (still not committing as I have made that mistake too many times here in Florida  –  time will tell and so will my body fat percentage- besides- if i can get locked out of FB and revoked from eBay then we ALL know that i may soon get bored and do something to piss someone off to only get banned from the rest of Boca Raton, so commitments are not in my cards), I got a whiff of something really rotten.

Like Bad B.O. rotten.

You all know by now that I am extreme germ freak and I clean my house obsessively. But what you may not be aware of is that every once in a while I skip the shampoo for a few days (come on ladies admit it- we’ve all done that at one point or another – either because of keratin treatments or simply rushed for time or let’s face it – hair just works better when it’s just a little dirty!)…..

HOWEVER,  I have NEVER EVER- EVER experienced BODY ODOR before.

I had to admit I AM working out hard and I AM always trying to push myself further and I AM aiming to lift heavier ….hmmmm….maybe it WAS coming from me after all??

Growing up with three brothers the RULE always was: HE who SMELT it DEALT it and we’d get a beating from one another if we even suspected someone dispensed it without coming clean and admitting to it. Although boys are typically PROUD of said body secretions and often TRY VERY hard to outdo one another. Oy, and you wonder why I won’t even PEE in a public restroom!

So once I realized that the odor was coming from ME…..The first emotion was MORTIFICATION but that didn’t last long enough to set in and thankfully no one could notice the blush in my cheeks because I was so sweaty and red from the intensity of my workout but after a few minutes I began to feel something different….PRIDE!!

Yea-ah! I am working out like a BULVANT! -Suddenly I had this urge to shout out :

“I am WOMAN hear me ROAR!! “

To sweat like a pig is one indicator that the heat is definitely on and the body is pumping efficiently but to actually SMELL from said sweat- well THAT’s power to the people!!!!

I actually went home and bragged about my B.O. to my husband but he didn’t seem to experience the same JUBILATION in fact I think I caught him gagging just a bit.

But nevertheless I didn’t let that deter me the next day from pushing myself harder and propelling my body faster to get that sweat barometer operating again!

Only this time I didn’t seem to smell anything– which I thought odd since I was working just as hard if not harder…until I went for my 300 meter loop around the parking lot….there it was!

Ewww that smell! Can’t you smell that smell Ewwwww

And so it went the rest of the week – when I went out for my run I figured the dichotomy of the fresh air was what brought out the scent of hard work and made it even more powerful and distinctive.

Until someone running behind me said to his running partner:

“That restaurant always smells like old burnt onions melting in the garbage”

All of a sudden it occurred to me that it was not my B.O. after all….but simply garbage from the stinky fast food restaurant I pass on my run!

PowerWoman and HeMan were suddenly deflated and even though it wasn’t noticeable I found myself blushing once again…this time from just how silly I was to be DISAPPOINTED that I DIDN’T STINK!!

Lesson Learned:  if you THINK you are working out HARD and pushing yourself to new limits- you probably ARE so continue to keep up the great work-   you certainly don’t need bodily excrement to prove anything to yourself…but if you DO happen to STINK just a bit- EMBRACE it and WELCOME the OUTPUT that you have just experienced.

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