A Bargain is sometimes NOT what you bargained for…..

Some people like to take risks to get that natural “high”, by attempting to partake in precarious dangerously heart pumping activities like bungee jumping or sky diving.

Some people get that “high” by less risky activities such as shopping or exercising in a gym.

I personally get that “high” when I find a BARGAIN!

I have ALWAYS loved a bargain. It can be on anything from dental floss to a Louis Vitton….it doesn’t matter – a BARGAIN is a BARGAIN.

Growing up, my mother ALWAYS clipped coupons.

She would drive to three different supermarkets to buy her peaches with her .19 cent a pound coupon at the “Milk Pail” then drive 7 miles in the other direction to pick up plums for $24 cents a pound at the “Jewel”  with her other coupon.

Back in the 70’s when there was an oil price shock and gas prices were sky high- driving from store to store to save 0.04  made no sense – only I didn’t know this at the time- but what made no sense TO ME was having to shlep around WITH HER until late at night when all i wanted to do was go home and watch “Laverne and Shirley” and “Joanie loves Chachi”.

So it was at that point in my childhood when I gave up the idea of coupon clipping and I all I wanted to be when I grew up was RICH enough to only have to go to ONE store to buy my fruit.

Flash forward to the present and thankfully I am at a point in life where I can afford to buy fruit in ONE market, yet for some unknown reason- be it the weather or the fact that I am 40 years old and a lot wiser than I was as a kid….I’ve somehow developed this urge to BARGAIN HUNT and COUPON CLIP in my old age!!!
And so, a “Groupie”  i have become!!!!!

What’s odd is that as the multitasker that i am and juggling a bazillion things in a minute, I never understood the appeal of clipping coupons…MY philosophy has always been:


So when I moved to Florida and friends alerted me to Living Social and Groupon I decided to give it a try…..hey I’m a Floridian now- I’m officially entitled to be more laid back and less- well, NEW YORKEY.

So when I registered for these local online couponing  websites i had no idea that i would be immediately HOOKED line and sinker!

I got my teeth cleaned -X-rays and all – for $35 in Palm Beach.

I got a 5 session yoga package that i will never use for just $19 in Delray Beach- but for $19 I had to have it! Even though  I’m so not a YOGI.

I even got $100 worth of sushi for $30 in Boca Raton. (Lord knows I will NEVER eat there as I am the biggest sushi snob- and unless it’s NOBU quality I will not attempt to taste it-  but I couldn’t resist at the moment – What a deal!)

Even though I have always been entirely driven by TIME management I have ALSO always LOVED a great deal-  I am my mothers daughter in the respect that I DO enjoy a bargain ……but for me it is JUST for the THRILL of getting a DEAL.

Not that Im condoning it AT ALL- but I totally GET Winona Ryder and all the other celebrities who shoplift! it’s the THRILL of taking something they know they could easily pay for …but the RISK of GETTING AWAY with it! so bad, I know, but i so get it.

You need to know that salespeople LOVE to be SOLD but part of that equation is they also like to be convinced  (i.e. brainwashed) that they WON the NEGOTIATION. Basically, DEALS warm salespeople’s hearts unlike anything else.

So I did a little research on this notion of online couponing and it seems that people have purchased $4.6 BILLION dollars worth of coupons in the past 3 years which is up 34.6% from pre-recession rates.

34.6%!!!! Thats astonishing!!

This just shows us that in hard economic times people reach out for VALUE and good BUYS.

For me, it simply means that I can save TIME by shopping ONLINE. I can get my “high” by getting a BARGAIN and I can MULTITASK by getting it all done while I’m working on my my laptop.

Now let’s apply this to HEALTH and FITNESS…….Dont we all wish there was a coupon to shed fat quickly?

if ONLY it were that EASY to purcahse a Groupon and immediately lose 10 pounds?

Yes, I am aware that there are coupons for surgeical procedures and all kinds of plastic surgeouns offer laser therapies to minimize cellulite….but come now people! we ALL know that aint the way it happens!

HARD WORK and determination are what makes for a healthy life!!!!!

Lesson learned:

If you take the time to coupon clip and save money while doing so, you may have a little extra left over to buy yourself some new LULU’s or another personal trainer session to boot! now THAT”S a good way to SHED FAT with a coupon!!!!

Enjoy your day- it’s Monday!!! Fresh start to the week!!!

Focus on making this week COUNT.

Get to it!

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