Check the labels…..You may cringe and eat it anyway….

Have you ever gone into a Target (my favorite store) or Walgreens looking for a Birthday or Sympathy card? Unfortunately, the other day I had to get the latter and I noticed a woman browsing through the card options as if her life depended on selecting the EXACT one.

It seemed by her scrutinizing each and every single card meant that just ANY card simply wouldn’t cut it… had to be SPECIAL.

The intensity of her examination made me wonder if she examines EVERYTHING she handles? Does she read  every magazine title on the newsstand prior to check out? ( I do, but that’s because I don’t want to spend $3.99 on the same articles that I can hear all about on Page 6 of the Post – but the celebrity pictures and the guessing game of who’s  cellulite is it? is so much more fun!)

I wondered so more….Does she research the materials in the clothing she wears? Does she check the grocery receipts a they are rung up to ensure that the prices are accurate? Really- just HOW thorough IS she????

I suppose I could relate considering I do the EXACT SAME thing with lipgloss….If I had time I easily could spend hours deciding on just the right shade….then buy 6 more in slightly different versions of pink.

It made me think further about JUST HOW MUCH scrutiny we DON”T do in our daily lives….for instance…..why don’t we  READ FOOD INGREDIENTS  religiously??? If we did, I doubt we’d buy half the food items in our pantries.

I’d have to guess that being the ANAL Retentive germ freak that I am – I would lose 10 pounds in a day if I just stopped to read what I’m actually eating.

I speak often about the chemicals in our diets but have you ever REALLY looked at what makes up some of the “HEALTHY” foods you eat daily????….

I was shocked when I read just SOME of the ingredients in the “wholesome” veggie patties I used to eat voraciously.

Once I got a glimpse of the items I can not even pronounce let alone GUESS what they add to the lining of my stomach wall…..METHYLCELLULOSE, MALIC ACID, WHEY POWDER, CITRIC ACID, DISODIUM INOSINATE, DISODIUM GUANYLATE, MODIFIED CORN STARCH, CARAMEL COLOR, LACTIC ACID, ASCORBIC ACID, CARRAGEENAN, I had no choice but to stop buying them.

(For the record my Spell check went absolutely BERSERK on those ingredients!)

Maybe I am brainwashed from the commercials in the 80’s for Breyers NATURAL ice cream ….but they definitely left a marketing impact on me now that so many recent studies are linking all these chemicals and food coloring to all kinds of diseases.

Love handles I can conquer, Dementia….not so much.

Lesson learned: If we all just took the TIME to investigate and research WHAT we are putting into our bodies the way we do with MUNDANE activities such as picking out a greeting card….we all may be just a little BETTER off!

(My friend Diana sent me this link if you are interested in reading more on the issue! :

You know what I’m going to say now don’t you?…..

EAT CLEAN and Move!!

heres a NEW Recipe:

As you know, I love to share some of my healthy concoctions with you as I develop them….this one was sprouted completely by ACCIDENT – as most of my favorite recipes are- although I do have a BIT  of Martha Stewart in me where I can put together a fancy platter just by spreading a layer of spinach salad over a plate and roll up some smoked salmon wrapped in celery and some cut up cucumbers spread around in a floral design – a true masterpiece if you ask me- but I am certainly NO RACHEL RAY in the kitchen and the only way my family knows that dinner is ready is when the smoke alarm goes off…..but THIS recipe is worth trying!!

You know me well enough to guess that  I don’t even own a food processor-  so I mixed a few ingredients in a BLENDER- was a little too liquidly but worked-  and fried it up in a pan and whala! Awesome dinner she makes!!

whoop! here it is:

canned salmon + green beans + liquid egg whites + tomatoes= blended- yes blended then with pam or dollop of olive oil

place in fry pan  at which point i had no patience to wait for it to bake so I  dumped the  entire thing in a an Amazing Savings tin pan and  baked for like 20 minutes until I remembered it was in there

…….seriously amazing

no carbs , gluten free,  chemical free ALL protein and delish!

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