You have no excuse to be Wesley today….you got an extra hour…..

We all have our days.

Yesterday was not mine. My eyes opened at 4:58 A.M. and I looked outside – it was pitch black and raining when I got up to pee.  It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized it was Daylight Savings Time and it really was 6:00 – just hadn’t gotten around to changing the clocks and that my body naturally woke itself up – regardless of what the time says on the clock – my bladder knows what time it REALLY is.

The rest of the day I felt tired and crabby. I didn’t work out in the morning- I was groggy at my little one’s soccer game and it occurred to me that maybe there WAS SOMETHING to this time change losing an hour of sleep theory that made me so tired. (Then I remembered I was out late and drinking wine….nah- that COULDN’T be it.)

I never bought into the TIME CHANGE THEORY before but I started to think that perhaps it IS possible for the body to get off kilter- just slightly – by losing even an hour of sleep.

It made no sense though when I thought about all the TransAtlantic trips I’ve made in my lifetime – I have never had bad jet lag and I typically can adapt quickly to different time zones.

You see, I have a trick….if I am traveling somewhere and it is daylight when I arrive and it’s nighttime on my watch i still push myself to stay awake -and GO OUT- until at least 9:00pm local time – no matter how many toothpicks I need to shove into my eyelids to keep them open. (I know, I know- real ORIGINAL of me to claim this to be MY OWN trick but who’s really paying attention to this blog anyway?)

So what was it about this ONE hour difference that made me feel SOOOOOO tired? Not just weak but Wesley from the “The Princess Bride” weak – and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and catch up on The Real Housewives of the O.C. (Yes, I took them on again even though I dropped them for a season or two – I kind of missed the REALITY of the blonde extensions and all that glitterey eye shadow).

So I did a little research on the matter and I could not believe what I discovered!!! It seems there is more than just SOMETHING to this theory- there’s ACTUAL FACT AND DATA  pertaining to what really happens when the seasons change – read on:

  • The number of serious heart attacks jumps 6% -10% on the first THREE workdays after the start of daylight saving time (I suppose by day 4 their EKG’s level off and all is normal again???)
  • Men are more likely to commit suicide during the first few weeks of daylight saving time than they are during the rest of the year (I think that’s because they just have more daylight time with their nagging wives)
  • The number of traffic accidents in the U.S. spikes on the Monday after the clocks move forward (OK, that explains Mondays but what about the rest of the week in Florida where old timers crash into light poles mid day?)

So despite all these theories and information pertaining to the real scenarios that pan out during daylight savings time – I still felt that I had to do SOMETHING to control the situation….so I decided to play a MIND GAME  on myself instead……

Heres how it works:

Tell yourself – no, LIE to yourself – that you will only have to do 10 minutes of exercise today. Just 10 minutes- anyone can handle that! By convincing yourself that you will only go for 10 minutes – just to lift a few weights is enough to GET you there. For me, once I got there, warmed up and lifted for 10 minutes I told myself I will push for JUST 10 more minutes with a few jump ropes in between.

Before I knew it I had completed a 30 minute DECENT- not great-  set of lifting and jumping and felt energized enough to get me through the rest of the day!

Look, it certainly wasn’t my best effort – I barely broke a sweat- BUT I WENT! I MOVED!


If you PUSH yourself at times when you are at your WEAKEST – the outcome will be EVEN MORE GRATIFYING than when you are at your SRONGEST and don’t do anything about it.

In other words – even when you don’t FEEL up to the challenge of getting in exercise – TAKE IT ON anyway – you’ll feel even better afterwards.

2 thoughts on “You have no excuse to be Wesley today….you got an extra hour…..

  1. LOVE YOU !!! I could not get myself moving this morning and missed the spin class. I then dragged myself to Yoga. After Yoga i thought of your blog and said I will go do 10 mins on the treadmill. 30 mins later running full speed I felt GREAT all thanks to YOU xxxxx

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