Boot camp at the Beach I know of, but Barre Method???….

Every Sunday – as some of you know (UHHHH -maybe because I RUB IT IN  to my East Coast friends every chance I get) – my family goes to the beach – SAME beach, SAME time, SAME spot.

(Yes, Even my days off are regimented with ROUTINE.)

Each week I observe the same things  with the only difference being WHAT thought the observation provokes. I think about the waves and what lies beneath(SHARKS! KILLER WHALES! MAN EATING SQUID! VENOMOUS EELS! – Seriously? Isn’t that reason enough not to GO IN there??), I think about the water temperature and how it rises as the Winter months turn to Spring (STILL not going in past my toes so doesn’t much matter how cold it is now does it? ), I think about the quality and feel of the sand under my feet (coarse or soft depending on the tide – either way a GREAT natural EXFOLIATOR).

I think about LIFE and DEATH and everything in between but mostly I watch my kids bury each other in the sand with as much determination and glee as though it were their first time.

This week I observed something cute that made me SMILE then made me THINK – two of my FAVORITE reactions!….It was the same guy that hangs around my spot each week…I’d have to guess he was in his 80’s (although here it’s hard to tell by skin condition- for all I know he can be 30 and just laid out too much without sunscreen…it happens – I’ve seen it!) and he wears the same orange trunks and  the same white visor and dark shades. His most consistent  accessory is his SCEPTER!! YUP! His Royal Scepter!

The first time I noticed him i remember thinking that it was nice to see a man walking the beach – despite his CANE…..the second time I noticed him I realized the it wasn’t a cane – but rather – a walking stick.

But what struck me as funny was that he used the stick not as a support to assist him in his trek but as a BALANCE BAR to perform SQUATS and  LEG LIFTS in knee deep water! The balance! The agility! The form!!… So REGAL!!

I had to hand it to the guy- HE OUTDID ME and my GROCERY STORE LEG LIFTS!

(If you aren’t familiar with my post a few years back I’ll remind you…as you know I am NOT a woman blessed with the trait of PATIENCE and although I’ve been forced to ease up on my TENSION while having to wait in line now that EVERYTHING is a LINE in Florida including the one a block long to check into a mediocre spin class –  So, to cope with my impatient flaw, I developed a method to control my madness SOMEWHAT …I have a tendency to do LEG LIFTS Anywhere and Everywhere – mostly while in LINE to  check out of Publix- which by the way – kicking backwards also keeps the geezers who count my items at bay )

So there he was once again this past Sunday walking along with his Moses like Staff and as he entered the ocean he stopped just about  knee level and all while holding the top of the stick for balance like they do in the Barre Method – he began his squatting routine. He was so limber I was almost waiting for him to do some pole dancing with it.

Made me smile then made me think…if this guy can turn a nice walk on  the beach into an exercise session…well maybe I should take his lead and get up OUT OF MY BEACH CHAIR AND MOVE!!!!!!!!!

Then I smiled and thought, : “Nah!” and went back to observing the water, the tide, the sand , my kids…..

Sometimes in life it’s O.K. to learn an important lesson from someone and STILL NOT DO IT.

Some things, like the beach, are meant for RELAX TIME.

Some things, like the grocery store checkout line, are meant for SQUATS AND LEG LIFTS!.

Have a great day- go out and MOVE!!

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