Which would you rather?…..

Which would you rather?

When I was in high school my friends and I would play a game called “which would you rather?” …whereby the entire premise is based on being given two horrendously disgusting options – and you  HAVE to decide which you would rather DO, EAT, or BE….

For example, which would you rather?????

1.  kiss the 60 year old ugly , pock marked, janitor at the same time that he’s plunging the puke from the toilet in the boys locker room or would you rather

2. come to school completely naked (remember-this was high school- developing pubescent bodies weren’t as confident about themselves as they are in their 40’s…and another reminder: this was YEARS before LASER hair removal was invented!)

Not quite sure why we called it a GAME…when there was never any chance of “winning” since both choices were horrifyingly grotesque …but we definitely had some deep belly aching cheek burning laughs from it.

The other day I was listening to talk radio on my commute home and the DJ’s must have gone to my high school because they were playing the “Which would you Rather” game  – the question was:

“Which would you rather?:

  1. To be FAT and RICH  or
  2. To be THIN and POOR

As with all the RATHER games- the caveats were that if you chose the former there was NEVER a way you could lose weight – you must be morbidly obese for your entire lifetime and if you chose the latter there was never a way to get your finances together- you are destined to stay dirt poor until you die.

The DJs lobbied their answers back and forth and they each concurred that it would be better to be fat and rich because despite the fact they may DIE of obesity related diseases at least while they are still alive – they can spend it in luxury!

Not surprisingly, the public poll came out the same–an astonishing 63% of women chose to be FAT AND RICH. The majority percentage part wasn’t astonishing – the fact that MOST people would RATHER sacrifice their HEALTH for MONEY isn’t so shocking at all- BUT  what WAS ASTONISHING is that the actual percentage of Americans who ARE OBESE – which is something they CAN control – aren’t even middle class let alone “RICH”…they are lower income level!!

I decided to investigate this a little further……and as it turns out- the majority of lower income obese Americans are WOMEN – (among men, the obesity rate is somewhat spread out over all income levels.)

Go figure!!…..that the majority of American WOMEN – who have a tendency to OBSESS over their weight to begin with – are not only on the POORER side but they CHOOSE to be FAT too!


If you asked me WHICH WOULD I RATHER -the resounding answer IS:

THIN AND RICH! Take control of what you can folks!

Lesson Learned:

You may not be able to command how much you earn but you most certainly DO have POWER and AUTHORITY over what goes into your mouth!

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