Habits Shmabits! Sometimes we all need a BREAK!….

My kids were off from school yesterday as they are today – which means I haven’t been able to go to the gym for my early morning class. Yes, I did do a few jumping jacks, jumped rope for 7 minutes during the Early Show and even managed to squeeze in a few squats while making the kids breakfast (and of course I never forget to do my leg lifts while WAITING – in this case it was during their swim team practice where all the other mothers just stared at me….lOVE when that happens: ATTENTION!!! It’s the best form of flattery!)

BUT- all in all I have to say – I did not challenge my heart rate level or conduct any interval training….instead I took it easy and allowed myself to just RELAX and CHILL and plan to continue to do so throughout this weekend!

You see, I have a PLAN!!!!

I PLAN to START my good habits and routine again on Monday!

I know what you’re thinking….that I say that EVERY FRIDAY and PREACH the benefits of “starting fresh on Monday”.

Which made me think that just MAYBE this chilling out for 2 days and BREAKING ROUTINE is EXACTLY WHAT my ROUTINE actually is!! In other words- breaking routine IS my routine!!!

Seems destructive????

But when I thought about it for a minute I realized that’s not such a bad thing….everyone needs a break and I’m not just referring to days off from exercise and resting your body…but a break from routine – yes I said it- break from routine CAN actually BE your routine.

Stick with me here – I’ll get to it….if you are like me and you enjoy structure and are fairly regimented- then  you may just find that by incorporating a day of NON STRUCTURE will add even more VALUE to your regular routine.

THis is not just a “Cheat meal” to get your through your diet PLAN- but rather- a CHEAT DAY or two to KEEP you on your PLAN!!

For me, weekends prepare me for the fresh week ahead -they make me look forward to getting up at 6:00AM again on Mondays and start fresh – begin that journey which can lead to ANYWHERE!!

By taking yourself out of a situation you can reassess and reexamine how you want to tackle it once it begins again.

Try it this weekend…..today is Friday- perfect!!

Let me know how breaking the pattern actually BECOMES your REGIMEN.

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