Don’t Be Afraid of the NEW WORLD….

When I was growing up my father always was the first one on the block to get the latest technological gizmo.

We were the first to have the pop up VCR, the first Atari with Pong, the first to get cable with the scrambled porn station that showed nothing but images and cross colored shapes yet somehow we knew it was the “DIRTY channel” and invited our friends over to sneak a peak whenever we could

-yup- we were always the FIRST to have the cool stuff…..


So we had that pop up VCR even while I was in college I was placing a few Encyclopedia’s (yes they DID have use back then) on top to force weight over the machine so it would stay closed in order to watch an old VHS version of “The Breakfast Club”.

Somehow, even though my family loved the cool techno gadgets- we never seemed to get or need the BETTER version and I suppose we were COMPLACENT having the old version  as long as it was functional.

Flash forward 30 or so years and I am unquestionably my father’s daughter.

I was one of the first to use a cell phone back when it weighed more than my first born child upon  entry into the world  and I still use the Blackberry – buying the Torch was the upgrade as far as I was concerned last year when my contract was up and I was eligible for a new phone.

I never got into the XBOX phase or Playstation. I DID buy the kids a Wii one year for Hanukka but it remains in it’s box in the garage to this day…They have asked many times for me to hook it up – OH Please, I was still using TIVO until I moved to Florida and finally mastered the DVR.

Yup, I am COMPLACENT getting by with functional machinery as long as I know how to operate it I am happy.

Until yesterday.

My Blackberry – which had been on its last leg even though its only 8 months old- had finally died for good. There was no resuscitating it either – no matter how many times I threw it on the ground to reboot like I usually do – the orange AT& T screen still froze in the midst of my phone  calls (or maybe people just hang up on me? Was it something I said? It always is.) Whichever.

SO while shopping for a replacement phone which would have been FREE if i decided to stick with the Blackberry family- I noticed my 6 year old – who happened to be with me – picked up the NEW ipad and started drawing masterpieces. Then she took a video of me and snapped some pictures and started editing them.

I asked her how she knew how to use it when we are clearly a Blackberry family….her answer was simple: “school.”

I guess there’s a reason RIM stock is in the toilet.

So there I stood at a crossroads debating whether to upgrade – while the sales sharks swam circles around me just waiting to go in for the kill.

I really did not know what to do…my contract wasn’t up for another year so I’d have to pay FULL PRICE plus some ridiculous exorbitant fees to switch over to the Apple family – OR-  i could get a replacement Blackberry that would irrefutably break within a few months span BUT IT WAS  FREE……the sensible conservative girl in me just couldn’t make a decision.

Then suddenly something amazing happened. It was as though a guardian angel flew down to assist me and give me the answer I needed. Only he was in the form of an 84 year old man who had just come into the store to buy the NEW IPAD. He already had the prior version and couldn’t make it to the store on Friday (Doctor’s appointment no less- are you shocked?) so instead- could NOT WAIT to come in yesterday to get the newest version. He ALWAYS UPGRADES he told me.


If an octogenarian can get with the times and live in the year 2012 than why shouldn’t I?

So, 30 minutes later I walked out with a NEW iphone, PLUS the NEW ipad  – all for the high cost of …my dignity. You know the drill: salespeople like to be sold.

Worth it!

Lesson Learned:

It’s O.K. to be AFRAID to try new things – but FEAR should NEVER stop you from actually TRYING them.

OH – and don’t bother texting me – i still have no clue how to use it.

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