That picture of your newborn is TMI…..

As I mentioned before I recently purchased the iPhone and iPad and while going through the initial set up it required that I enter a “LOCATION”. HMmmmm….

Having Pioneered my internet sales career back in the mid 90’s I learned early on NEVER to provide personal information online. As some of you know, I keep my FaceBook page loaded with blog entries but  you will not find ONE photo of my kids and that’s because I am a paranoid nut job. It’s not that I think the Internet BOOGIE MAN is going to come jump out of the screen and snatch me up (Although I do believe that to be a strong possibility- just as likely to occur as a shark attack in my pool- but POSSIBLE) but it’s more so that – years ago I was a victim of identity theft (and believe me the woman who scammed my picture I .D. was no beauty queen….. which definitely did not help my SINGLE life knowing the “other” Jordana was not only stealing  my information and invading  my banking account activity but she was FAT and UGLY  which didn’t help dating opportunities when it came to my 1997 online J date profile.

When I was a kid I had a friend who’s mother was a paranoid germ freak. (Granted, now that I am one as well I have developed a new found respect for her) but as kids we would make fun of her that her mom would swab down everything we touched with alcohol wipes. If we used the house phone to call our parents to pick us up from a play date after dinner of spaghetti and meatballs she would swipe the phone down immediately after with a rag and give us a disdainful look as if we had SUCH chutzpah to germ up her phone. Needless to say, she was NOT the most popular girl in the class . ( Makes me wonder what I may be doing to my OWN kids for future reference??!)

This was years before hand sanitizer and Swan Flu so despite the fact that I now consider her a VISIONARY – back then she was simply NUTS. She covered her couch in plastic (and no it was not her inheritance from her grandmother….just an ugly old floral couch with plastic on it.)

But the wackiest part about her mom was that she would not allow my friend to tell ANYONE that she had a TV in her room. (For the record, the TV was a 12 inch black and white one -this was before BASIC cable so the only shows that were ever on were  “60 Minutes” and “Dr. Who”…but STILL she got her OWN TV in her room! WOW.)

Yet her mothers logic was that if anyone – including her friends – found out that she had such a lavish prize possession in her house then word would get out to all the vagrants and all their plastic coated furniture would inevitably be robbed.

I suppose we can apply this logic to the Internet and Privacy and Security that is such a huge Industry in and of itself nowadays. If “THEY” know where you are “THEY” will eventually track you down.

Oh yeah…..They are coming for us…BE WARNED.


So, while registering for my new technology I actually had to think twice about providing additional information such as location – it made me think of my friend and her paranoid mama who just MAY HAVE had something to her logic.

Lesson Learned: How much info is TOO much?

As much as I love to talk about my sex life to anyone who will listen- perhaps sometimes , when it comes to posting pictures of my kids on the internet- well,…… it’s just TMI.

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