Be open to TABOO and see what it does for YOU…..

Lately theres been A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING to talk about over the new trilogy “50 shades of Grey” – which some of my friends have described as  “Porn for Women” . It has become more than just Book Club fodder, but rather controversial among hard core feminists, angry (or scared) men and mommy bloggers (Don’t you just HATE those!!).

I have not read the book , nor do I plan to, but whenever the word “controversy” is involved, it  always merits a blog of its own.

I think the idea that a descriptive novel about a sexually submissive female heroine is enough to cause a stir but what’s even more AMAZING is that it creates a PLATFORM for women to discuss SEX openly and publicly. (Something I have always been fond of doing)…..

Back when I was in high school I used to listen to the Sex Therapist “Dr. Ruth Westheimer” radio talk show….she must be 190 now because even back then she was a cute little OLD lady who had no shame in talking OPENLY and CANDIDLY about SEX. People would call in with all kinds of questions related to their sex lives (or lack thereof). Her answers were often raw, honest, direct and straight to the point….MY kind of GAL!!

Back then, I was a sheltered girl raised in a modern orthodox home and although my mom discussed body parts and basic functions very openly -( let’s just say that when we were potty training we were taught to say “B.M.” and “urinate” instead of “poop and pee”)…talking freely about sexual matters – well, just did not come up at the shabbat table.

I didn’t have a sister to talk shop with so Dr Ruth became my teacher. It was my first experience learning about a “taboo” subject openly and it definitely ENLIGHTENED me to NEW terminology such as : Premature Ejac…..well, you get the idea.

I have to say- back in the 1980’s – sex talk and jersey Shore type partying were not in Vogue or discussed in the MEDIA. Even the term “media” was different- there was no “SOCIAL” aspect about it other than implying a 2 hour martini lunch with sales reps trying to sell magazine advertising space.

The most sexually charged character on TV back then was MRS. ROPER (A woman close to my heart!)

Nowadays – DISNEY Channel has 13 year old girls dressed in belly shirts (for those who don’t watch Larry David – that means the belly button is exposed under the fat rolls) gyrating on stage as pole dancers in the making.

But what’s amazing about this sexually charged trilogy which some friends of mine have described as “Life Changing” and “Orgasmic” ….is that not only has it become the new “Twilight “ in the sense that the two main characters share the same dynamics of The Subservient and The Sadist- I mean – Male Counterpart , but in it’s IMMEDIATE popularity and wide spread fame – all due to the POWER of Social Networking . The best part of this all is that it’s KNOWN to be SUCH Amateur WRITING and a BAD knockoff of so many other plot lines (anyone say Pretty Woman, Tes of the D’Ubervilles???) and some critics even noted its trite and hastily contrived wording – that apparently it’s SO BAD that its SO GOOD!!!

As a self publisher, I can tell you first hand that writing isn’t always easy and there are critics everywhere.

But my goal is to get the message out that POSITIVE ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM to IMPROVE is important to incorporate into your life each and every day.

The message , or so I am told, behind “50 Shades of Grey” is very similar to mine and it most certainly is not a new one….it’s been around since the dawn of time……basically it’s summed up in this nutshell:

Go OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE and experience NEW things that may seem – well, UNCOMFORTABLE.

Lesson Learned:

If you ALLOW yourself to be OPEN minded to whatever WAS a taboo in your own mind, then just MAYBE accepting or changing “IT” will inevitably “change your life”.

Try something NEW and explore what YOU consider to be illicit…(For the record- I am NOT implying sexually but if that’s what you wish to interpret from this than- GO YOU!!! )…but rather, WHATEVER is your fancy.

Alternatively, you can Just listen to Dr. Ruth…she’s SO much more entertaining!!!

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