Clean out your FRIDGE and your MIND…..

It’s that time of year again….SPRING CLEANING when we throw out all the old and bring in the new!

My kids know that I run a anti-pack rat campaign and the minute they bring home a drawing or art project from school I  say “oh my gosh it’s beautiful!” in my best enthusiastic voice and then CHUCK the damn thing in the garbage. Seriously- why do teachers send home plants with MUD????….Do they really expect us to be supportive of adding MORE DIRT in the house???

My little one has me down pat to the point where she now comes home and shows me her art work and then throws is out herself. Yup, I’ve trained her well.

Yes, I am insane but I also hate collecting things. I’m a minimalist because I grew up with a pack rat mother and although it was fun when i returned as an adult to my childhood home to be able to go through my 4th grade journals – and every note I passed to my friends in class (apparently  I had a crush on a boy who turned out to be short and bald in modern day life but back then I thought he was “FLY”) I know that COLLECTING is just another word for CLUTTER.(I’m also sure if you sort through the pile of paperwork on my childhood homes dining room table  you’ll find a coupon for L’EGGS pantyhose redeemable until March 31, 1979.)

I have to say that it makes me feel even better that my own closets are ONLY filled with clothes and shoes.

Admittedly, when i need to pull out a halloween costume it doesn’t come in handy that I’m  always ordering NEW but let’s face it, isn’t that what online shopping is for?

In any event i think it merits a blog of its own to discuss the ORDEAL or ORDERLY – depending on how you look at it- of spring cleaning.

Be it for Easter, Spring Break, or Passover- whatever your fancy- SPRING  is upon us  now which makes it such an opportune time to CLEAN OUT our closets, our houses, our bodies and our lives

…..chuck the junk in the fridge and start FRESH for spring!

This is a great way to begin spring cleaning both internally and externally

Let’s take that time to reassess our DIETS and try to steer clear of the  garbage that we often indulge in and instead- EAT CLEAN !!!!!!!

Why not take Passover when we are limited to the foods we eat anyway and start fresh- eat clean and simple- a natural DETOX????

I have always felt better after the week of Passover and i assure you if we approach the SPRING BREAK in a positive way- we all will be better off.

New week! New start! Monday is my favorite day to plan ahead.

Now go clean the fridge!

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