Careful what you wish for…It may be GREENER

I always say that cliches are MADE for a reason

careful what you wish for

is the cliche of the day in my case.

When I first moved to Florida I saw many houses with lake views and all I could think about after that was how fabulous would it be if this little Country Bumpkin girl from Chicago who lived in a cramped New York City luxury  high rise for some 20 years (which I am convinced Landlords add the word “luxury” to make schmucks like me who willingly pay exorbitant rent for tiny boxes feel slightly better ) – well- the option to have a pool AND a lake view?? Wow.

That was the equivalent of living in a palace in my mind.

So, I was very happy to find a house with an obstructed lake view (and by obstructed i mean if i squinted really tight and stood on a step stool balancing on one leg on my tippy toes I could see a tip of blue color – but it was a lake view no less).

Nonetheless,  I was happy. My bedroom view was totally sufficient with floor to ceiling glass sliding doors that look out into beautiful foliage and flowers and of course my very own  mini Jurassic Park  that scramble about-referred to as Geckos- keep me entertained.

I often emerge from the shower and walk around in the privacy of my own room without thinking twice.

Until now.

Being a multitasking Busy Bee – i tend to be a little distracted when juggling  a number of things and don’t tend to NOTICE things – which is the MAIN reason I didn’t  make a career out of being a  Private Detective and although I never applied, but I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t have gotten into SPY school either.

My husband makes fun of me that i observe NOTHING else around me EXCEPT for the fake boobies everywhere. I’m obsessed with the abundance of them.

I hit him on the shoulder and point them out like I’m playing the game “PUNCH BUGGY” with the VW Bugs. I always win.

So the other morning I was in my bathroom with the door open minding my own business (and by minding my own business I mean the Larry David episode when the bathroom door did not have a lock in the first floor powder room of the house owned by the character played by Rita Wilson and the guy walked in on Cheryl at the exact moment that she was minding her own business) and lo and behold I lock eyes with a GOLFER.

He looked at me and I looked at him and neither one of us flinched. We were in a total deadlock of SHOCK.

Apparently, the landscapers – as part of the HOA of the club – took the liberty to CUT DOWN all my shrubbery and REMOVE ALL the foliage that at one point was obstructing my view of the lake.

Well, careful what you wish for.

I NOW have a BEAUTIFUL lake view as well as view of the golf course, the players, the dog walkers and the VERY friendly landscapers. (They like to wave JUST as I’m coming out of the shower).

I suppose I have always been somewhat of an exhibitionist at heart and although I don’t have a team of photographers and a camera crew following me around like a Kardashian,  I DO associate my life with every  REALITY TV show …..SOOOOOOOO I decided to just pretend they don’t see me and continue on as usual.

Lesson Learned: In life the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the LAKE and if you want to live there you need to make a choice:

Either accept which side you are on and be happy with that decision-  or move to the other side but know that it may have an obstruction you weren’t aware of.




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