Don’t be Insane, Stick to the Basics…..


The other day I was at the fitness center I recently joined and the group of us were jogging a loop around the parking lot as a warm up. Being the competitive gal that I am I typically sprint ahead of everyone – until the 18 year old college girl caught up to me and like the track star that she probably is she beat me to the finish line. Where did she come from I wondered? I then felt nostalgic for my own 19 year old legs and how fast they used to be.

Back in college I was into step aerobics and whatever high impact exercise i could find. But back then i also had the ability to stay up all night and still face the next day with more energy than I could handle. Back then there were no premium cable stations on TV to watch in the middle of the night- only multi colored bars, evangelists and infomercials. I have to say Suzanne Summers thighs were the epitome of toned.


Nowadays, I am not a night owl – on the contrary-  I tend to pass out before the end of whatever  TV show I am watching if it’s after 10:00 PM, however, lately I have been unable to sleep so I took this as an opportune time to catch up on my share of infomercials.

After 3 or 4 minutes of watching the INSANITY fitness program which basically GUARANTEEs INSANE results…I was just blown away.

WOW were these guys in great shape!!! They were ripped shredded and cut!! So without hesitation i put a few toothpicks in my eyes to keep them open, felt around for my computer and ordered it -splurging for  express shipping.

Like a little kid anxiously awaiting santa claus, I spent the entire week checking the mail religiously- I seriously could not wait for the DVD’s to come! I dreamed of winning a Before and After contest and have the body I’ve always dreamed of in less than a minute!

Sunday was the day I decided to commence my NEW routine of getting shredded – I got out my mat, put on my sneakers, pulled my hair in a pony, placed my towel by my side- YUP – I was good to go !!!!

The first few minutes seemed impossible- and I thought of all the corny jokes of WHY this workout is called INSANE -yeah yeah- I know, it’s CRAZY hard blah blah…. but I pushed myself to continue- still enthusiastic and excited- until the guy in the  video announced that part was just the WARM UP. Next thing I know we are JUMPING 3 feet in the air- NON STOP for 40 minutes.

I am not one to quit so I persevered – did what I could – not bad for a rookie- but gritted my teeth throughout. I felt like a I was a teenager again with all the jumps!!

Flash forward to the next day – I could not GET OUT OF BED.

I literally could not WALK, could not BEND, could not SIT without excruciating pain shooting down my entire body. The pain was everywhere- my back, neck, shins,  calves….every piece of me felt like it was hit by a truck.

The weird part was that I did not use any weights – JUST jumping up in to air and landing on concrete tile for 40 minutes literally shocked my body into the highest pain threshold I could imagine. I was almost wishing the pain would reduce to that of childbirth .

Needless to say that by yesterday I was repackaging the DVD’s and calling up Customer Service for a Return Authorization number.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this……

IMPORTANT Lesson Learned: While I think its a GREAT idea to CHANGE things up fitness wise (and of course in the bedroom) I DO believe -very strongly- that you need to LISTEN to your body and do what makes sense for your AGE, your PHYSICAL ABILITY  and most importantly, your KNEES.

I am a big fan of the PUSH- PULL method of working out and I am convinced that by doing simple BASIC exercises like PUSH UPS, SIT UPS and SQUATS – will GO FAR beyond what JUMPING exercises (on CONCRETE no less) will SURELY do to destroy my 40 year old hips.

So go ahead and order the Bow flex, the Bender Ball, the Shake Weight and the Ab Rocket…..they are harmless. But keep in mind these are meant as EXTERNAL tools for your body’s EXTERIOR and to TRULY see results and get SHREDDED, you need to clean out INTERNALLY what you are putting into your body’s INTERIOR and just HOW you PLAN to GO ABOUT it.

So stick to what you KNOW if it’s working for you (recumbent bike anyone??) and maybe increase the weights a bit more and add some repetitions….ALL would be effective.

Leave the jumping to your kids.

Now- Here’s my shopping list for Passover- it’s also applicable for Easter, Spring Break and any new fitness routine worthy of results!!:

The key it to eat 5 meals throughout the day every 2 or 3 hours and choose from these 5 basic essential food groups.

Simply put, here it is for you to Print and shop:


– Berries, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Peaches, Nectarines


– Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews all RAW….All GREAT sources of Omega 3’s and heart healthy fats


– Brown Rice, Quinoa, Rolled Oats, Fiber one cereal, Whole wheat pita


-Turkey, Chicken, Tuna, Salmon (my staple!), White Fish, Greek yogurt, Eggs


– Anything GREEN!!! Also a favorite: Cauliflower!! But go for the quashes too they are so filling and fibrous


– Avocado and  Olive oil are my favorites

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