Talk is CHeap but I DO love a bargain!!…..

Do what you say, say what you do, let both things lead to another….

I married a man who never speaks.

Well, that’s not an entirely true statement – he speaks when necessary…like to make smart points in a business meeting OR when he makes less smart points in an argument with ME…but nonetheless he is not one to waste words.

Ironically, despite the fact that he rarely talks, he still manages to be the ONLY person on Earth to make me laugh until I pee (although that’s not so hard to do after I had 2 kids ….please, I still can not do jumping jacks without a Depend).

To this day I think he married me for the sole purpose of having a mouthpiece.

Yes, I suppose I DO have a BIG mouth – lord knows I get into a lot of trouble with it – but that said, it brings to mind a funny irony to it. You see, HE who rarely speaks takes more ACTION than those of us whom enjoy TALKING about what we PLAN to do.

He is a DOer.

There are DOers and there are TALKers and most people are the latter.

For instance, when I decide I am going to cut down on my bingeing and drinking I make a HUGE DECLARATION and not only WRITE about it but TELL everyone I know including the people in the line behind me at Target.  I draw it , map it out, plan an outline and create a website about it…and then don’t stick to it for more than a minute.

I remain inconsistent.

The only part about me that actually IS consistent is my ability to NOT stick to things.

I’ve discovered in my many years of business and attending meetings that whenever a person TALKS a big game they usually are full of hot air and it’s usually the QUIET ones that are the smartest – as they seem to take it all in while just observing silently.

I am so UNCOMFORTABLE with silent people it provokes me to talk even more to compensate for the silence.

When I was single and dating, people would fix me up  all the time and every now and again I would have to endure a dinner with a silent type. I always wished they were simply freakish and ugly rather than SILENT. Even if we were seated outdoors the silence was so deafening that I could hear the utensils stirring the pots in the kitchen. I would then overcompensate for the lack of conversation by TALKING TOO much and in turn turning US BOTH off.

When my husband and I first met  (7 years prior to going on our first date- because we could NOT STAND each other back then) he thought I was SO LOUD AND ANNOYING and I thought he was SO DULL AND BORING.

He was right.

So once again, I am going to TALK about the next 30 day challenge that I am about to embark on. I know you’ve heard it all before – oh so many times before- but this time I am not going to  discuss, confide or complain – at least not TOO much.

This time is different. I am going to follow in my husbands foot steps and SHUT MY MOUTH …..both LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY.

There are DOers and there are TALKers and thus far TALKING has not gotten me shredded so I decided to DO something to change that.

Are you with me?…… If so then SHUT UP!

And now for your enjoyment……DO WHAT THEY SAY….SAY what you MEAN ONE thing LEADS to ANOTHER…..


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